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  1. Thanks girls! I indeed am introvert and reserved. Not exactly shy, but I'm having trouble approaching people and making the first move. Open Windows sounds great for business purposes! The girly factor of TAH seems nice, but in the business I work in morst people are a lot older than I am (I'm 27) and sometimes I get the feeling they don't take me too serious. They often seem to think I'm the project secretary instead of the lead because of my age and me being reserved makes it worse. Adding more "girly factor" is probably not the best thing to do! Heart & Soul sounds amazing... Would it work on female friends too?
  2. Just a little kick because I'm curious to know what you guys think about TAH. I'm not dominant or aggressive, but to most people I seem arrogant and cold. Could a TAH mix like Neanderlicious make me seem more soft and approachable or will it clash with my personality?
  3. Just did a scent test and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised!! I could smell the cops at first but the weren't as foul as I expected them to be. Now, after 10 minutes I just smell something that reminds me of rubbing alcohol. Can't wait to try this for the phero's!!
  4. OMG! This smells edible... and lickable... and lovable... And sexy at the same time! Wow!
  5. Can somebody tell me... Is this making you think more organised? Or does it get you motivated too? I'm able to think very organised myself, but I really have a motivation problem for some things....
  6. Teddy Man for PMS??? Seriously??? I need that!!!! (And the men around me during my pms are going to need it too...)
  7. OCCO Red is GORGEOUS!!!! LP Red with cops but no smell!!! If you're looking for me, I'm doing some man-hunting! *rawr*
  8. *sigh* Tell me about it... I just unpacked my latest order and already planning a new one....
  9. Great to see a man report! Thanks! I've been thinking about buying some phero products for my male friends but didn't know what to choose. This helps!
  10. Welcome mejuxtaposed, mirrorghost, vespero and paganlady!!! :ladybird_Black:
  11. Tears of Joy


    Jup, that was it! (I have a journal there too, and I kinda like their products, but I want potent, nicely covered up COPS!!!!! Mwuhahahaha ) You've found a great community here!
  12. Pumpkin Pie sounds lovely for the fall/winter season! For spring or summer I think something like grapefruit/lemon/cucumber/melon would be appealing, fresh and yummy! I'm so much looking forward to my Red, White and Purple
  13. It's your birthday!!!! Congratulations! Have a great day girl!!
  14. Great report! I have a trial vial here... Your tempting me into wearing this when I meet my target tomorrow. haven't seen him in a while and I don't know what to wear!! Choices... choices....
  15. Tears of Joy


    Hi Geena! Your picture seems familiar, think I saw you some place else I saw in another topic that your first package already arrived, but I wanted to welcome you here anyway!
  16. Lovely post Djac! Rosegirl, I don't know how they do it, but men just know where that great/sweet/sexy/damn hot scent comes from! You're going to have lots of fun with your new pretties
  17. Welcome!!!! LP Red is lovely. I immediately fell for it. OCCO Red I have yet to try, but I've read they seem similar. Have lots of fun here! Love, ToJ
  18. Not yet, haven't got much to trade off, but you're right, someone might like it a lot better then I do!
  19. *lol @ Beccah* I like the way you think Oooohhh exiting stuff!! I've been wondering if it would work to use an alcohol based social phero to "lure" my target, drawing him in because it has better diffusion. Then hit him with a lovely smelling cop bomb hehehehe . Layering those would be great!
  20. So true!! I have alcohol based EoW but I feel very selfconscious when using it. I'm so glad I came here, I never want to use that stuff anymore! Don't worry sweetie, people tend to forget that kind of stuff very soon. Just wow them with your other LP's
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