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  1. That's a great order you made! I made my first two orders in the same week too, addicting stuff huh? I have BI on order too, I'm very curious about it!!
  2. Thanks readheadedangel!! Ah, good to read I'm not the only one with a MAC/make-up addiction! I have about 50 MAC pigments, quite some e/s and lots of mineral shadows, palettes etc. I'm buying less makeup nowadays, only really unique and special stuff. I do wear it every day though, I don't like myself without mu I'm open to exchange samples! Those pigments will last a lifetime anyway! I can put up a list with my colors if you guys are interested
  3. That would be nice!! *is planning on huge order*
  4. Thanks coffeemama! Well, I took my LAM for a spin last night. Sort of, that is. I've had a really busy couple of weeks and although things are slowing down now, I have periods I jump to the ceiling for nothing. Yesterday I had and old crush over for dinner and things weren't going the way I wanted them, and I kind of freaked out. So when my visitor arrived, I wasn't in a good mood. We had dinner and sat down on the couch and saw a movie. He was trying to cheer me up, making jokes and poking me a little. When I ran away from him because of the poking he followed me around. All was cute and funny but then he kind of lost it and pressed me against the door hard and looking at me full of lust. I thought it was very funny and I almost fell down on the floor gasping for air because I was laughing so much! So I kinda jinxed it but it was very funny, I hadn't had the urge to do anything with this guy so it was ok. The LAM worked though
  5. Awww... Waiting sucks huh? Mara's Rocket Fuel is gorgeous!! I'm considering a back-up... BTW Such a cute avatar!!!
  6. Ooohhh that scent! It's vanillary, strawberry heaven!!! I have no idea what the SS4W does but, the scent is soooo good I don't even care
  7. My best male friend was kinda "blah" about the LAM (brown sugar) but I'm so exited!!! You can smell the cops wet but they fade!!! I can't wait to test this on my crush! By the way, when you pair them with an other scent, do you guys put the scnet OVER the LAM or just put it on an other piece of skin? And how much LAM do you use?
  8. OMG Potion master what a GREAT story!!! I've decided I need the red OCCO. And the pink.
  9. BTW, when is the sale going to end? I'm low on cash but I want MORE LP's!!!! *lol*
  10. Thanks again!! My goodies arrived yesterday!! I was so surprised, I didn't expect them yet! I especially love Mara's Rocket Fuel and LP Red, beautiful scents! And LAM! It's so subtle!!!
  11. OMG! Yesterday night I found a note in my mailbox that a package was delivered at my neighbours house. I've been expecting some packages, but since I only got my LP shipping mail last friday I figured it couldn't be the LP's.... But they were!!! I never received items from the USA that fast!!! Thank you so much!!! I can't decide what to play with first! Of course I've been sniffing and I love love love Mara's Rocket Fuel! So glad I ordered that one! Also the LAM is great. Very subtle and my sample of LP Red.... It's going to be empty really fast. What a beautiful scent!! Thanks girls!!
  12. Oooohhh!!! Oooooohhhh!! Covered cops!!! I want them all!!! Thanks Dolly! *jumps around*
  13. Hi and welcome!! Isn't this place lovely? I made two orders in one week, last week when I discovered this place I thought I might help you with your questions: Of course it depends on how much you wear with your sweethearts, but I've noticed that cops applied on skin can be scrubbed off quite easily. I do not use cops in huge amounts, but I never had problems. Don't apply the copulin roducts to your hair, they're a lot harder to remove from that. Next to that, it's not that men can't help theirselves acting on cops (of course sometimes that's too bad but not at work huh? ) so don't be afraid they'll jump you in the workplace. Well, I've noticed that men are surprisingly accurate in finding out where the sexy scent is coming from! I haven't really noticed the "horny" factor (yet? mwuhahaha) but this guy I know for a very long time now kept following me around at close range. Hope that helps, there are a lot of experts here, they can tell you a lot more!
  14. *lol* I'm soooooo going to try that one My guy is annoyingly polite. I need something to make him freak out *mwuhahaha*
  15. Thank you Lori and Liz! I just saw a shipping mail from LP so I'm going to be running to my mailbox every day for the upcoming week (mostly it takes about 10 days to get stuff here from the USA)! I'm so exited! The original Love Potion is definately on my list, and the Black version as well. Next to that I'm eyeing Canary Feary, Naughty on the Nile, Mr. Right... Now, oh well, I can go on and on
  16. Thanks again for the warm welcome! I have to admit, I have been wondering aroud in the shop and around here for almost two days straight. Business is slow since it's august and I just have had two weeks of doing overtime so I'm taking it slow this week at the office There's just one problem which is my bank account :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: . But it'll be fine. I have had lots of addictions, the latest being phero's. I also have a jewelry (mostly earring) addiction, but I've gone from buying like 20 cheap pairs in a month to buying a pair of expensive ones every once in a while. They last longer and make me happier . I've had a serious thing for LUSH and next to that I'm fond of MAC Cosmetics and have LOTS of their stuff. Comes in handy because I am a free lance makeup artist next to my day job. But hey, I have about enough eyeshadow for the rest of my life and probably enough nail polish too... Wow... You must think I'm crazy.... *lol* Anyway I'm a sucker for beautiful bottles and drawings and very sensitive to scents. They can really cheer me up, take me down or anything in between. So coming here was the only natural thing to do Scents that I love (not neccessarily together!) are vanilla, cinnamon, all kinds of berries (the smell of berries really cheers me up!), pears, fresh bananas, coconut, lavender, mint, honeysuckle, ylang ylang, lemon and lemongrass, cherry blossom, neroli, bergamot, chamomille, pine, ginger... Well I seem to like a lot! I think I hear my creditcard running around in my purse trying to escape.... So... How do you know which ones to choose??? I'm so overwhelmed already and with new ones coming out every month too!!
  17. Thank you Ajia, that's exactly what I'd like, drive my target wild Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  18. I just ordered this... couldn't help myself.... Can't wait for it to arrive!!
  19. :-o I just placed a second order allready... For Mara's Rocket Fuel
  20. Thank you Ail! I saw my teeny tiny country is even represented in the trading posts I can read here all day! So much interesting stuff!
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