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  1. Trying to figure out if this is more similar to love potion white or a vanilla one like beths blush milkmaid, any similarities??. Im sure i will adore it so i got two fbs to be safe. LFM rules!!
  2. Damnittrinity


    Ordered a FB unsniffed, I religiously wear vanilla extract with my perfumes. When you guys say brown sugar is it comparable to LAM brown sugar? I got it cop boosted, seems like it would cover pretty much anything with the boozey notes.
  3. Oh my god where are the occos? I looked in the gift shoppe and can't find them!
  4. Im a little nervous to try it! I hope its not already gone!
  5. Just got it today!! Oh my god this is so yummy. Occo white smells stanky on me even with a copious amount of dry down time. I smell like a sextastic yummy cupcake. It actually uplifted my spirits..though any box of lpmp at my door step does hee hee. It totally reminds me of those cupcake dolls I had when I was younger (you fold the doll into the cupcake)
  6. I can't choose between this or beths blushing milkmaid! Ugh!
  7. Oh my god I haven't been here in a minute and now im hearing of this sex in a bottle?? Must order now!
  8. I agree completely this is my new fav!!
  9. I need this!!! If I love this as much as my occo pink I will permanantly be the whore of pink magic glitter fuchsia sparkles land
  10. OH MY ....GOD!!! I just recieved my Occo Pink.(very quickly I may add Mara you rock) I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SCENT!!! I seriously just got a girl boner, some full on woman wood hahaha. I was very scared to try this considering I am mostly a foody fan Occo red, MRF, LAM Brown sugar. However my husband was getting bored of my cinnamon/brown sugar smell ( I have been using the same thing for awhile now and never venturing away because Ive gotten such good hits and compliments on how I smell) Hell I was even getting a little bored though. This pink shield is JUST what I needed maybe a dab of SS4W and Ill go strut my cutest lingerie for the hubs. I keep huffing myself I smell like sexy pez. My mouth is literally watering. Its sweet but not that sick-ly pre-teen cotton candy dollar store perfume smell. Its an adult sexy sweet. Ive heard that the 'Sparkle Fuschia' is a lot like this...I think I may need to stock up when I get paid tonight
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