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  1. Trying to figure out if this is more similar to love potion white or a vanilla one like beths blush milkmaid, any similarities??. Im sure i will adore it so i got two fbs to be safe. LFM rules!!
  2. Damnittrinity


    Ordered a FB unsniffed, I religiously wear vanilla extract with my perfumes. When you guys say brown sugar is it comparable to LAM brown sugar? I got it cop boosted, seems like it would cover pretty much anything with the boozey notes.
  3. Oh my god where are the occos? I looked in the gift shoppe and can't find them!
  4. Im a little nervous to try it! I hope its not already gone!
  5. Just got it today!! Oh my god this is so yummy. Occo white smells stanky on me even with a copious amount of dry down time. I smell like a sextastic yummy cupcake. It actually uplifted my spirits..though any box of lpmp at my door step does hee hee. It totally reminds me of those cupcake dolls I had when I was younger (you fold the doll into the cupcake)
  6. OH MY ....GOD!!! I just recieved my Occo Pink.(very quickly I may add Mara you rock) I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SCENT!!! I seriously just got a girl boner, some full on woman wood hahaha. I was very scared to try this considering I am mostly a foody fan Occo red, MRF, LAM Brown sugar. However my husband was getting bored of my cinnamon/brown sugar smell ( I have been using the same thing for awhile now and never venturing away because Ive gotten such good hits and compliments on how I smell) Hell I was even getting a little bored though. This pink shield is JUST what I needed maybe a dab of SS4W
  7. I love when that happens! Makes me feel sexy even with morning breath lol. Occo white here I come!
  8. I just ordered my Occo Pink! I can't wait, I have been a longtime fan of red (mixed with a little bi hoooooo! Lawd!) But considering its spring I'm trying something flirty. I think I may have to get some white though! You ladies make it sound so yummy! Maybe I can layer the pink and white and give someone a toothache
  9. Oooo! Dolly I love it! I have to ask thought did you make the oil a spray? I have to try that...maybe ill make a little perfume bottle of ss4w and eow. My hubs will be thinking he's coming home to jenna jameson every night hahaha!
  10. Thanks ladies! As soon as I can get my hands on some EOW Ill review the ss4w/eow combo as well....if my hubby can handle it
  11. OH MY GOD LADIES DO I HAVE A REVIEW FOR YOU! I had a baby two months ago and breastfeeding on top of that. Needless to say estrogen plummets and my patience for my husband has been on edge. Not that he pisses me off or anything but with the new baby I just cant handle a silly remark or a "oh i forgot to take out the trash" lol I am only 25 and was feeling extremely un-sexy and almost upset that I gave up my oh la la sex life with my husband (dont get me wrong i love my baby girl TO DEATH! she is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me!) but I needed a little sexy in my life.
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