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  1. Ok, so I wasn't real fond of this in the beginning, but it's had a time to rest & age & I gotta tell you. I'm liking it now! I have had the week from hell, stress up the yin yang, and a relationship that just ended because an ex of the guy I was dating came into the picture & "he was confused" . I told him I'm gone and so is his confusion. Seriously, after " I'm falling for you"? Apparently not enough. Any way, I found this to be an extremely comforting scent after the crappola of this week. I'm glad, as I liked the notes.

  2. I got a sniffee of this in my last order & OMG! This one is AWESOME on me. I'm buying a bottle of this for sure on Friday. This is one of the few "honey" scents that doesn't go all plastic on me. Lasted almost the whole day too.


    Thanks Mara, you enabler!

  3. On me this is totally different than Leather. Leather on me is "On your knees little boy & Service me now!" Audacious makes me want to flirt with the world. I get very feminine, flirty & fun, but make no mistake, guys still see that I am one sexy woman! It's funny. Cougar on me never attracts young guys, but this stuff, SHAZAM! Guys in their 20's just come out of the 'effing woodwork. Me like Cougarism :D

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