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  1. Tried this one Friday night. Met my bestest friend for drinks locally. We wound up on the dance floor for HOURS. What is it about this stuff & SS4W that draws 20something men to me???
  2. Sounds even more interesting now! Definitely #1 on my list...Can't wait to see the write up.
  3. No, but I can think of something else I'd like to give him...........
  4. Bang sounds very interesting..........can't wait to find out it's properties....there's a certain raven-haired dark eyed new musician on the horizon who sooooo needs to be a guinea pig.
  5. I get the Vanilla too....strange.
  6. There's Oud in this, isn't there?
  7. This one is very much like Autumn 2010 on me, which is wonderful. I have another option if 2010 gets sold out.
  8. There's something in this that has a "ghostly" presence about it. I don't know what it is but it smells like the scent you would expect to smell as a spirit passes by. Ethereal, but not in an angelic way, kind of cool & otherworldly. I don't know how to describe it, but it's like seeing something out of the corner of your eye, and when you turn your head it's gone. Love it though!
  9. Got me a bottle of All Hallow's & samples of LP Autumn 2011 & Phantom's Breath
  10. Holy Crap! This stuff is LETHAL! Saturday night with LP Autumn 10, Occo Red & SSFW.....I get to the local hangout & see a male aquaintance (he used to go with my best friend) long beautiful hair, great eyes, tall. You get the point) This guy has ALWAYS been the object of attention in any bar. I sit down, he whips his head around & says to me "GOD, You smell amazing" Marti flips hair "Thanks". He's like "You're Geri's friend aren't you?" "Yup, how've you been?" We start chatting about an unusual piece of jewelry I have on & the next thing you know, he's TOTALLY SUCKED IN! This is a guy who has probably never said more than 1 sentence to me at any time that our paths have crossed. He's just like totally into talking to me, giving me undivided attention (which for him is weird, as he is very used to being the center of attention). But wait, it get's better! About 30 minutes later this young 20 something guys walks in sits, on the other side, introduces himself & is now competing for my attention. I'm fracking 48!!!! He couldn't have been more than 27!!! WTF????? :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: What an ego boost, watching the two of them compete for my attention, I really needed it! I genuflect to Mara's genius I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!
  11. To me this is all I wanted G-String to be, but wasn't even close on me. Had to order a bottle...
  12. Ok....so...I had to listen to this song again today......it's been t f'ing long
  13. OMG, this is good. I was a little afraid, 'cause of the Pear & the Honey (which usually turn skanky on me), but I figured it's only a sample...and I DO LOVE that song It is amazingly sexy, and cops...what cops...I forgot there were cops in here! That's how well covered they are. I don't even get a hint of them. Bravo Mara! I have to get bottle of this (maybe 2) before it flies off the shelves!
  14. I think Roger, Dave, Nick, and the spirit of Rick would be pleased to know that they inspired something other than getting stoned :sock puppet shaking no ha:
  15. That sounds like a cross between Wonderland & Willie Wonka's Factory! I can see Le Wiz now as the giant Hookah-smoking caterpillar...
  16. Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet?
  17. I got me a bottle, I got me a bottle! Sorry, done now.
  18. As Luna said, this is sophisticated & more grown up. I was afraid it would be 16 yr old chewing cherry gum, but I guess the amber lends a grown up quality to it. It is light & sheer, but not non-existent. It is also lighthearted, but no immature. This one would be great for dinner on the outside deck by the water watching the sun set.
  19. paganlady

    Pomander Royale

    Did anyone catch the Cedar in this one? It came out to play after about 90 mins on me. I caught a whiff & thought "Who's wearing Cedarwood? Then I sniffed myself....twas me!
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