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  1. Holy CRAP! Are the elves on coke???? :drink2: I placed an order today & got the order conf & then later today the stamps.com notice! Give those elves a good holiday bonus!
  2. Does this have cops in it? About 1-2 hrs after application, I can smell the teltale "cops sharpness".
  3. I can't wait to try my sample of this when it gets here!
  4. Finally nabbed me a bottle of Garland & Lace (he,he,he) & samples of Festival Of Lights & Stocking Stuffer
  5. V3 of course, with samples of Festival of Lights & Stocking Stuffer, I think
  6. I finally broke down & ordered a sample of this.
  7. Well, you could always just get the Sexpionage UN.... I love this one, yummy eggnogy vanilla goodness & the patchouli doesn't bite me (YAY!!!!!). Bought a full bottle....I see fun games ahead
  8. Just can't do this one....it goes all wonky on me. So sad..... My sample is going to wind up on my trade thread.
  9. Got my notice today too. Me thinks the LP elves are working their little fingers to the bone to get everything they can out before their well deserved holiday.
  10. Man I had fun last night! The bar was SLAMMIN! Loads of Pink Floyd fans, loving the band. The first two sets were The Wall in it's entirety. People all over the bar were singing along, rocking to the music, having a great time! I went with Stone Cougar, Cops, MX335 & LP Autumn '10, It was actually a great combo. Lots of affection from my friends, (male & female), lots people coming over to talk to us, just an all around great warm & fuzzy evening. Now I'm left with the drained feeling the day after. I guess that's what happens when you give all your energy to the band
  11. No I did check today's mail.....no PP. I'm in NY and on a good day, it's 3 days from when I get the stamp's.com notice. I don't think anything moved within the USPS system on Thurs though.... Wish I had Garland & Lace, but no, I didn't buy it while I had the chance And yes, I will be rockin' it. These boys love me as it is..... Joe had a girl come up to chat him up at the last show & asked him where his girlfriend was. He said "Girlfriend?" & she said, "Yeah, the little Redhead I saw you with earlier." Joe was like "Um......she's one of my best friends, she's married & her husband is sitting right over there!" I guess we looked too comfortable together. He came over later & told me & DH & we were hysterical... It's always a fun night!
  12. Ok, after my shower, as I'm putting on moisturizer I'll get a good amount in my hands to do a specific body part & take the dropper (I still have the love-scent stuff in alcohol) & add 2 drops ea for each full leg, 1 drop ea for each arm 1 for my belly, one for my back & 1 for my chest (for a total of 9 drops). I'm 47 & I find that between 8 & 10 drops works well for me. Then I relax a while for the drydown, add any other mones after the cops completely dry down & add my cover scent last. Easy as pie!
  13. It's the Androtics stuff....MX135 is like Popularity Potion, except from what I hear, PP is more like MX135 on steroids. The 135 is a Chocolate scent, the 335 is a Grapefruit. TAH is another molecule that acts as a 'mone. It gives off a cuddly woman vibe (which I have great success with as it tones down my ballsyness a bit). IS/B stands for Instant Sexiness B, which also gives off a sex-kitten vibe & again, works well on me. These are all from another manufacturer. I like the LP stuff much better, but I think tonight calls for a few favorite old standbys..... I will be trying PP at the next band gig though.....
  14. SillyKitty - Yeah, I do get mail on Saturday, but I think Vet's Day on Thurs held it up in transit a bit (I got my notice late Wednesday). I love MX335 (grapefruit scented 135) & I'm thinking of going with 335, Cougar UN, Instant Sexy B (another one I have great results with) and a little Lace or maybe a spritz or two of Flying Potion, all covered with LP Autumn '10. I can't see using 135 'cause of the Chocolatini scent, I don't think it will mix with LP Autumn well... Cops, flippin' always! I just use them in my body lotion after my shower. Love the way that works.... Hoping for mucho hugs tonight!
  15. My PP hasn't gotten here yet due to the PO being closed on Vet's Day.... SO, Instead of PP, what shall I use??? I have MX135 & 335 (I'd probably go with 335 as I plan on covering with LP Autumn '10), or can I mix Lace Un, AD TAH & IS/B??? I also have Leather, but that makes me a little ballsy & scares my friend Joe a little.... Or, I wonder what would happen if I mix Cougar & MX335 Argggggh! Decisions!!!!!
  16. Stupid Post Office! Them being closed for Veteran's day threw off my delivery! No Popularity Potion for band night tonight I don't see why they get the day off & I have to work! Stupid Post Office.
  17. Well?????? What does it smell like????? I ordered a sample & I need infoooooooooo!
  18. I still love this one.....I get mostly creamy marshmallow....keeps me from turning into Mr Stay-Puff! I wonder how this will work during "Mother Nature's Gift" next week???
  19. Definitely Popularity Potion, & Compromising positions, and maybe samples of Irresistible Forces & Alumette....
  20. And, I think PP is a no-brainer after the comparison to MX135 (ahhhh, my beloved MX135, which has been out of stock FOREVER!)
  21. If PP is truly like MX135 (one of my favorite AD MX's), I Am SOOOOOOO all over it!
  22. This one smells great in the body cream.....I'm thinking about it!
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