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  1. She's back! Haha, I've been test driving my first LP purchase for a couple weeks now. I'm pretty pleased with what I got - LAM in Vanilla and a sample size of Pherogirl. In fact, I plan on buying more soon. I'm officially hooked! Reviews of both PG and LAM:Vanilla will be forthcoming soon. Quick comment about PG - I'm wearing it right now. It's my favorite out of the two that I bought. Ironically, I only got a sample of it :/ But I wear it quite often. I thought I would like LAM more but I'm surprised by just the awesome honeyness of PG. It's delicious with my body chemistry - pure honey with a hint of incense from the resins. I personally don't feel like it's an excessively sexy, DO ME NOW scent lol. But perhaps that's cause I'm but a mere newb. That and I haven't seen anyone act differently around me lately. I just (literally, less than an hour ago) ran into an ex that I'm not totally over yet :[ So when he leaned in for the hug, I sure was glad I was wearing PG, even though I didn't notice any appreciable difference in his behavior. C'est la vie.. Well I'm looking to make my second LP purchase. I'd like to pick something that inspires friendliness in others, a real people magnet combo. I'm already a friendly person normally, but I figured a phero scent would just enhance that What I really wanted to do was hold out for one of the new alcohol-based pheros but I don't know when those will debut. [Lord knows I'm probably going to make a third purchase anyway..oy] - I was thinking about getting Une boosted with either Treasured Hearts, Heart and Soul, or Drop Your Guard, or Open Windows. I love the PG scent but I would like a phero blend that isn't just sexual and targeted at men, but is something for building friendships with men and women. What do you all think about those blends? - Also, is it more effective/potent to buy the unscented phero and cover it or is a boosted perfume just as potent? And do either of you cover pheros with something that isn't from the LP store (like a regular commerical perfume?) Is it as effective? <3 Nola
  2. Djacquelyn, I'll drop you a line via e-mail. Yeah, I'm a bit of a sharer haha. I'll be sure to report my experiments with the scents when they come in. Beccah, I think I might be coming back for more soon haha. In retrospect, maybe I should have gotten a couple that weren't so sexual Like Cuddle Bunny or Drop Your Guard. I'll be proceeding with caution when using LAM or PG in public. I'm interested in DOM and Intellectual Women. I may try one of those next as a add-on to a perfume. We'll see how it goes with the first order. Dolly, about diffusion, I live in the South and it's summer soo.... :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: Maybe I'll create some sort of phero cloud! And thank you for telling me not to put cops in my hair! Esmerelda, I'll try not to be scared of cops! I suppose we'll see what happens when they get here. I'm just glad I got phero perfumes and not pure pheros cause I don't think I could handle it first time up to bat! I understand what you mean about people getting used to the effect of pheros if you use them regularly. Since I'm a rookie and I have a small (and apparently, purely sexual collection) of pheros, I'll start off small until I get better at this. Thanks to everyone for the welcome!
  3. Hello everyone! First time poster, long time lurker, so I hope I'm doing this correctly. If this isn't the correct forum for posting this question, please pardon the faux pas! I'm a total phero newb but I'm so excited to get started. I recently stumbled upon the LPMP shop while trying to decide if I wanted to purchase Demeter's Always Sexy pheromone perfume. Though I found LPMP and I think I made a better decision. I ordered a full-size LAM in Vanilla and a sample size of Phero Girl. So, my questions are... 1.) I remember a few forum members commenting that birth control lowered their natural cop levels. Well, I've been on BC for a couple years now but I don't think I've been taking it long enough for my natural levels to be affected (I'll be twenty-two in a couple months, so I think I'm still pumping 'em out). BUT I'm wondering if using phero perfumes and using BC sends out some mixed chemical signals. Has anyone had any experience this this? 2.) The basic question that everyone seems to ask - which one is better: LAM or PG? Specifically, which one is more "everyday" and which one should be left for more ~special occasions~? I don't think I'm going to wear phero perfumes everyday, because if they're as potent for me as they seem to be for everyone else, I think it would be better for days when I want to attract a little extra male attention. Do any of you use them everyday and how do you do it? To let you know a bit more about me, I'm a college student and I work in a cafe. I thought about wearing a perfume to class or work but I'm kind of scared haha. I think the copulins scare me - I don't know whether I'll smell like pee, attract all sorts of unwarrented attention from customers, offend females around me, or all of the above My favorite regular scents are Thierry Mugler's Angel, Vera Wang's Princess, and Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf - usually gourmands or florientals, hence me getting stuff that smells like vanilla and honey. Sorry about the novel length post! I'm just psyched to try this stuff and introduce myself to all of you. - Nola
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