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  1. Rosegirl

    Cauldron Cake

    This one begins outrageously spicy on me. It then melts down into more of a pretty pumpkin scent. Very autumn fragrance.
  2. Mara, your scents are as beautiful as ever. I knew October was a good time to resurface. Thank you for the extras you put in my order. I can't wait to try all of this month's samples.
  3. Just ordered the Halloween sampler set, leather and Red. Can't wait!
  4. Now that is the way to do it! Very shrewd way to lift him up out of his bad mood, even if it is in a covert manner. Many women I know do not have that kind of wisdom, but will get tangled up in the bad mood, take it personally, and the day will end in an argument. Good call Dolly.
  5. Mara, would you make this in a spray form? Thinking about asking for this in my next order.
  6. This was an interesting read. Funny what a a single drop of copulins can do. Wonder what would have happened if they had used OCCO (the proverbial "assload of cops")* *Footnoting you Luna
  7. I get the best reactions with about 3 sprays of un-lace. I love it! Know what I have tried it with that is just the bomb? Blatant invitation. About two sprays of each, and people are really friendly and will go out of their way to accommodate you. Wore the combination of the two the other day when I went shopping at World Market. Bought a faux fur throw for someone for Christmas; it was $59.99. The lady at the check-out was friendly, chatty, and said out of the blue, "I will give you $10 off for it". o.k. I was happy about that. When I looked at the ticket later, she had charged me o
  8. I received a notice that my Halloween sample package is on its way!
  9. Notice of shipment received. Oh, this is good news!
  10. I received my notice too! Can't wait to try the things I've ordered. That was really quick.
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