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  1. I agree that you should try all of them eventually. Cougar will make you feel very upbeat, at least that's how it makes me feel. Regarding fragrance, it's really a matter of preference. You might want to start with something that I think works on most everyone -- Red. It's awesome! Welcome to the forum.
  2. I haven't tried SWS, Gotcha, or Perfect Match yet. This is a great month!
  3. Welcome to the forum Temp! LP Red is one of my favorites. I usually put it on either side of my neck where you can feel the pulse, and down my torso. Happy sniffing!
  4. Wow! That's quite a move. Wishing you the very best with logistics and hoping the change brings more business than ever!
  5. Rosegirl

    Cauldron Cake

    This one begins outrageously spicy on me. It then melts down into more of a pretty pumpkin scent. Very autumn fragrance.
  6. Rosegirl


    This is a nice one. I get marshmallows, musk, and a hint of smoke. It fades a little too quickly on me though. I wish it didn't. I have to put my nose right up against my arm to smell it.
  7. Mara, your scents are as beautiful as ever. I knew October was a good time to resurface. Thank you for the extras you put in my order. I can't wait to try all of this month's samples.
  8. At first it almost smells like an autumn version of Joanna's Christmas Candy. After awhile the pumpkin, spices, and meringue come to the front. It's a very foody and seasonal scent. I like it.
  9. Halo, does this scent have a pretty good throw?
  10. Then I can't wait to try Pumpkin Souffle. ISF Halloween is really sweet at first but then it turns into a more pumpkin autumn smell. It only take a little and goes a long way.
  11. LadyV, is this as sweet as I Scream for Halloween?
  12. Hope everything goes well on your date Phoenix. Definitely let us know.
  13. Just ordered the Halloween sampler set, leather and Red. Can't wait!
  14. Hey guys! It's been awhile since I've been here but I think October is one of the best times to return. I hope there are some scents with pumpkin and vanilla.
  15. Ok, I took my head out of the sand this month for these. They look terrific! Can't wait to place an order. Hope everyone here is doing well. Mara, looks like you outdid yourself again! The Halloween collections are always my favorite!
  16. Oh no. I was away for quite awhile. Did Catalina pass? I am so sorry Mara. I know how much you love her. This is a beautiful tribute to her.
  17. Oh wow! These look terrific. And I just placed an order last week. I guess I'll have to place another one. I love the Cat theme.
  18. Looks great! I wonder how wild and woody vanilla is different from Ail's Voluptuous vanilla? I love vanilla.
  19. This is one of my favorites --- for any time of year.
  20. Ahh. Empathy Potion. Makes sense, given the responses and the self-effects.
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