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  1. yes. i like it I wonder what phero I should use with it?
  2. I know what you mean I was planning on doing a 3 part summer scent series my next will include pear and the other lemon so we will see based on my funds. I also want to try the other PE's that purple one sounds good and the mystery scents too.
  3. Sorry I'm so late with reply my computer was on the blitz. The notes are Jasmine, Vanilla (non foody) and Peach. I just received it am I'm in love, it will have you thinking um.. is it jasmine or is it peach? it's up to you to decide. I understand peach is not for everyone but it's summery and fresh.
  4. Doing the happy dance! :banana055: WoW!!! .... they look great!!!!
  5. Kimaaa3


    I am ready to rock and roll with you guy's again !! I just recently purchased a new home so I had to take a little break but it's good to be back. Kimberley.
  6. You are such a doll!!! I know you are going on vacation please take care of yourself and have a happy and safe holiday.
  7. OMG!! You ladies have done it again, I am so pleased with my PE's and the label designs YOU ROCKED IT!! And the new scents OMG I said I was going to be good for a while but I might have to re-think that, I LOVE my Dirty figgy I am wearing it today. The green tea, honey berry ,and ginger rose I'm speechless. Blessings to you and the LP family. Kimberly :pink-flutterby:
  8. Hello again, Just wondering if my order for Teasured Hearts has been shipped? Thanks again. Kimberley.
  9. Hi Kimaaa3 here. Looking for to learning from you fine people.
  10. Thanks, That's probably what I did not do. I appreciate you.
  11. I purchased sexology unscented it packs a punch. I was wondering how could I tone it down some I know you can used other perfumes but it's still a little overwhelming.
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