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  1. I know sorry its just theres no forum on that website and I know theres one here where people know about EOW so I posted here.
  2. I have just sent these pictures to the woman but do you think I'll get a refund? The rubber has almost completely melted, and is only attached to the bottle by strings of it. Its like almost gooey and I have used the stuff twice but half my bottle is gone because of the rubber melting away. Not sure if you can see the gap in the last photo. The white flakes are dried EOW.
  3. Thanks guys! Good news, it appears they do sell it here! And this is just a thought, but have any of you smelled the mens version, blue sugar? Just wondering as it sounds like a very girly scent, so curious as to what the masculine one smells like.
  4. Hmm, I wonder if they sell that in the UK?
  5. Thanks everyone! And cheeseburger thanks for the ideas! So glad you know what White Musk is like! Question-if I cant cover it should I put a few drops in to the White Musk bottle? If so how many? God I sound so stupid. Are there any perfumes that aren't from lovepotion that I can cover it with? I live in the UK so it costs so much to send everything from America.
  6. I don't know why but when I first got this it smelled like sweet and cheesy feet. Now about 2 weeks later it smells like poop. I live in a house with others and find it quite hard to hide. It is currently in a box, in my wardrobe just to cover it up. The first time I used it after only about 1 minute the whole house stank and people upstairs and downstairs were like WHATS THAT SMELL! I was so worried they would find out it was me! Also I have tried it with 2 eau de toilettes one of them was called White Musk and worked better but you could still smell poop through it. I have tried it twice. It
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