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  1. I would go with something cop free personally. If the aim is it smells like you, then let it smell like you? Good luck!
  2. I’ve been absent soooo long but wow, I love the labels!!
  3. Well, aside from Blue Rose, there's one song and one tv show (I loved that, it was such escapism) , so I'm not sure which one, I'm guessing it's the Cream, Luna? The party looks brilliant, as always, as does the punch! I wish again, as always, that I could come to One. Can't I tempt you with a UK store?!!!
  4. My stupid phone wouldn't let me edit to add that I love the labels and the sound of cotton candy peach
  5. Can anyone tell me if this has anything in common with the last release of unisexy?
  6. I found the teeny dregs of oil in my captivating equation sample the other day, it had evaporated first which I knew, and then leaked, waaaah. Will this ever make a reappearance?!
  7. This sounds gorgeous. I love all the notes in this, with the exception of lime (as that isn't something often used in women's scents), they are most of my favourites!
  8. I found this yesterday and honestly had no recollection of it at all! I've got a cold but I could certainly smell it, it smelled very sweet and fruity to my nose, I had no idea what phero was in it so I just tested a teeny dab, but lo and behold that gotcha magic saw me able to make it with two kids to the supermarket even though I had been feeling really ill. Yay gotcha! My impression was of hard candies, fruity ones!
  9. On a 1-10 scale, how much anise do you think? I am umming and aahing over it as it isn't something I love in perfume but I love the sound of the rest.
  10. I'm also a lemon lover, I wasn't sure about this as BI isn't really something I have used more than twice I think but this has kept inviting me back to reread it and ponder my order, Is the storax prominent? I really love storax, I used to burn it at home and you don't see it much in perfumes.
  11. I'm really looking forward to this one! Powdery pink musk sounds wonderful.
  12. I keep checking like a kid on a car journey...are we nearly there yet, how bout now? Now? Now? I'm annoying myself!
  13. Gotcha doesn't relax me! It sends me into cleaning house hyperdrive only beaten by tantric butterfly (I forget what that was in there). I love it.
  14. I scrape it out cold with a plastic spoon and wash in hot water
  15. Thank you Mara! I can honestly say I never would have found them, I dont think I have ever even read that list! Very excited to see Snugalicous, it just sounds like I have to have it even not knowing what's in it, i just know it's good
  16. ooh! Nice article! I love that you're getting regular press coverage.
  17. Yeah, good choice qg. I just find it irritating when I cant figure out something apparently simple, it makes me.feel like an idiot! Stacy I did see your hint, but i have no.idea where you got it from. Unless its an edited post on an old thread and doing that doesnt show up as new content (¿), I really have no idea. Can anyone confirm you can see whatever it is on an iphone and this isnt some pc specific thing?
  18. I can't find any new posts relating to this I don't have a clue.
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