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  1. Very true to its name. A little like inbetween satya nag champa sticks unlit, and burning, not too sweet, just right!
  2. This is one of the first I tried and one of my favourites. It's a very clean, unsmoky, not buttery, vanilla. I'd happy slather this and wear on its own.
  3. Mara-no I hadn't tried pure sugar as it has brown in and it usually doesn't work. I'm not desperate for white sugar though Sugared linen would be really nice
  4. If I auctioned my spare fuzzy wuzzy for an animal charity would anyone be interested? Sorry in advance Mara if this goes against forum rules, please delete if so.
  5. I wouldn't say that no man wears 'women's' scents. I know a few men who do wear commercial female perfumes and if you read reviews on fragrantica, there are a lot of men wearing what are marketed as women's perfumes! My bf wears the unisex Velvet Moss a lot, and likes Ail's Voluptuous Vanilla! Personally, perfume is all art to me and I won't be constrained by gender specific marketing. A married couple I know have completely opposite tastes, her favourite is Fenric Wolf (which could be stereotyped as masculine) by bpal, whereas her husband adores florals. I like most perfume genres, but my bf
  6. Androstenol, I'm pretty sensitive too, have you tried taking rhodiola rosea? I'm breastfeeding at the moment so not taking it and boy am I feeling it!
  7. What Dolly said! TH makes me ratty, who knows what might be unleashed if I mixed with another blend!!
  8. Sugared licorice baby is sooooo cute!! I personally would love a powdered or white sugar. Brown doesn't work for me, generally so a single would be great.
  9. I would vote North Pole too my bf's faves are cocked and loaded, velvet moss and pashazade though. And ail's voluptuous vanilla but I think that's probably a very unlikely scent for most men! I also adore thrill of the chase!
  10. I just found a wax melt and it's winter woody with a/b nol!!! I thought I'd used them all!
  11. Ooh can we have a sneaky clean type of melty melt? Coconut would be nice, a toasty coconut, coconut donut type and a creamy one with fruit, say mango or lychee. Rice pudding!
  12. Yes! Purple puff type with balm bomb pleeeaaase! I also *ADORE* the winter woody scent with alpha/beta. I love the banana bread scent and caramel apple and the chocolate g2 one As for new ideas, blueberry pie? a chocolate-espresso scent, or something chocolate mint? bread and strawberry jam? A bedtime melt, something like pillow stuffing or essential bliss? Ice cream sundae-vanilla ice cream and marshmallow fluff with a chocolate sauce, or the same with peaches? Cinnamon-peach crumble? Vanilla mint? As simple as it is, this is one of my fave candle scents. Pinky pink-pink pink s
  13. This cracked me up!! Thank you for your nice words about my family also. I'm so far from that pic of me right now! It cheers me up though
  14. Would it be illegal? do you have laws about pictures promoting drug use or something there? You had 'weeds' though.. Hmm.
  15. Mcreepers! I'd been wondering where you'd gotten to! I love it!! Such a nice smile. There's a pug in the flats opposite, his name is Chico they're such cute dogs.
  16. Funny how she seems so familiar to everyone. She looks to me like my mum's mum's side of the family.
  17. I know!! They're like a strawberry shortcake gang We watched the really old cartoon today, oh my goodness, I feel ancient!
  18. Stacy, no, sugared pears are twins and I forget whose they are right now. They are indeed neroli and chai! I might start calling them that, I might not mix their names up so much!
  19. I'm so happy we all got to do this. The latest labels are fabulous!! Can anyone guess which my girls are?! Every time new labels come up I just want more bottles. The children and doggies on the chocolates are so cute. In fact ALL the kids make me want to set up a rack of mini LP-ers! (I'm currently slowly transferring all my lp's to little plexi 'bleachers' ie lipstick holders. I think I'm going to need way more than the three I thought I needed to finish!!) QG - diplomatic as ever your label made me smile, I knew it was you!
  20. I'm guessing sugared amber, pure sugar, sugared rose, the vanillas, patchouli.
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