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  1. All the new labels are amazing!! So many cute kids I love it!
  2. Oh goodness, me too. I actually feel shame. I have to sell some of the stuff I already have.. I better get on it!
  3. I was copying and pasting! My email is just a law unto itself. I turn my phone off or onto plane mode for bed, and I'm with ladyv, I can't really stand talking on the phone when I'm tired. Wherever it was, you replied, hence me thinking it was me bothering you. Again, sorry.
  4. Heh, I'm going to show him this! Feel free to be a lecherous woman!! I am haha, I'm 7 years older I think we all might find ourselves chatting to our bottles now they have pics of forum members on, it's so cute. Thanks Mara for doing this and making everyone feel special! Holy moly sugared bananas!! How'd I miss this one? Straight on my list, and the pic is brilliant. Reminds me of my grandma.
  5. Sorry if this was me you're referring to, I thought posting in the LP party group thread would be okay and you'd just see it whenever. I can't get the email to work for email exchanges. Sorry to have bothered you. Just a thought, can you uninstall the FB app, then you don't get notifications for anything? I don't use it as it'd make me crazy. Bf gets stupid notifications all the time.
  6. Just amazing! I've been dying to see these!! I am cinnamon, and my gorgeous boys are cedar!
  7. I'm working on a cloning machine
  8. I think I'm lucky that bf likes perfume! We have so much fun trying the samplers together
  9. I think maybe my nose has a problem with some of the notes in here, it's all almond on me really. It's in no way not-nice, I just get the feeling that along with almond it smells of *something* but my nose isn't getting a full sense of what it is. It's a bit like watching a film but having half the dialogue on mute. I really wanted to love this but I think I have found my anosmia notes! It's made me crave something cold and cucumbery for summer though!
  10. Is Sleep Tight Might possibly recreate - able, or one of those it's gone and gone forever scents? I'm just wondering if we can get more! Even my mum loved it which is amazing as she runs a mile from anything food like in perfume.
  11. First out of the bottle you can smell the lavender, then the chocolate, then oakmoss, the rose peeps through, but then sinks back into the chocolate. The oakmoss is fairly strong for a little bit. It's then a kind of balance between chocolate and lavender for a little while, with the other notes in the background. Then after a while the musk and marshmallow really come into their own, it's a beautiful musk Mara! Fab choice! As a perfume at this stage it fits into the same family as Purple Puff and The Big Easy, mum, dad, and baby! Colour wise, it begins blue and green and turns to soft pu
  12. Romie's notes: Lavender Yellow rose Chocolate Marshmallow Baby smell First off, let me say how thrilled she is. I asked her 'is it right?' And she said 'yes!'. She loved the label. You nailed it!! I'm going to come back later and review properly
  13. Glad it's worked out! I was intrigued but it wasn't something bf would probably wear, being that he's worn Ail's Voluptuous Vanilla at least twice now...
  14. Please may I keep summertime classic til the sale also?
  15. It doesn't give me the option to see the names, they're all just wax melt or phero melt, I have to click every one to see what they are! Sorry no good! There were a lot more the last time I looked.
  16. http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/LovePotion/8550647/winter_holiday_w_balm_bomb_-_phero_enhanced_wax_melt/handmade/candles/tarts_melts/wax_scented http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/LovePotion/6358394/chocolate_chip_orange_cupcake__topper_-_phero_enhanced_wax_melt/handmade/candles/tarts_melts/wax_scented
  17. There should be some on artfire! I want some more alpha/beta ones which there haven't been any of for some time
  18. Mara!!! Sleep Tight Might sounds SO perfect, thank you, I can't wait for us all to try it. xxxx
  19. After all my resolve to be good, may I please reserve one Summertime Classic! I can pay today if my order hasnt gone already
  20. I'm actually going to be good this month! I added on two bottles of Gitana to my last order so I'm out for this one!
  21. cinnamonmel


    Thank you Mara for the sample of this! First of it hits you with a sense of positivity and good energy, and a blast of what comes off like tangerine peel. I assumed, not knowing the notes, that maybe it was a very bright and lovely frankincense. I guess it's the copal. It smells much nice than the copal I have for burning. I really really like this. The smoky myrrh sits underneath. It's really a me kind of scent!! Perfect for when you need uplifting.
  22. Lindee's Summertime Classic, Jennifer's Sunset Kiss and Farmhouse Afternoon are intriguing me!
  23. I was a bit frightened to try this given that hazelnuts are a no-no for me but I took a walk on the wild side tonight and dabbed on a smidge on the back of my hand. It's yummy! It has a kind of coconut oil vibe, rather than coconut meat, followed by chocolate. There's a tiny hint of peanut but way back in the background. Later it becomes more vanilla bean and milk chocolate. If I weren't frightened of having an allergic reaction, I'd want to slather this! It's lovely.
  24. I'm a wildflower! I never register the change right away! What's this a reference to/from? Anyone know?
  25. Mara, the Sleep Tight Might label looks lovely! They all do, but I think she will be very pleased!
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