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  1. To me this is lilac in colour-feel and scent. I like it. It's like rubbing your face in a buddleia bush. Which I just thought after writing is actually quite fitting as they call it butterfly bush
  2. It appears you can't buy it! The closest think googling was squid ink pasta.
  3. Aw, I love the fur free kitty! I really like the off with her head gif too!!
  4. Have I missed something?!!!! Yuk, Mara, what a rotten trick, getting everyone all excited and then throwing these hideous creatures at us all!! ( just in case bf is listening)
  5. Excellent! < Mr.Burns type voice. I thought everyone would love this and it wasn't really me. Buuuut, I got the sample and wow!! True raspberry loveliness. I was expecting a similar cake vibe to cherry divinity, but no! I love bang, love raspberry and this works! You can all send unwanted incandescence to me! This is the sneakiness surprise ever, bar that resin scent I had no idea would sell out before I ordered!
  6. I really liked this, it is very much like allumette, but bf doesn't, and he's also gotcha averse! Maybe since I already 'got' him
  7. I thought it would for me too! I have no idea where bay leaf and black pepper come from
  8. I ordered my littlest her PE, tropique, latte, ceremony, Lina's white rose. It took hard work paring that down to zero animals and minimal June stuff!
  9. I just keep on reaching for this!! I wonder if I should've gotten two?! I can see me breezing through this fast. I didn't actually review this properly before. I don't actually get tea, it's more a bright apricot, backed with sweet vanilla, it's so fresh but yummy too. I want a spray I think, for my hair.
  10. I was dying to try this. On skin: apricot, passion fruit, VETIVVVEEEER. Damn you. You're such a diva. No one else can sing in this show. Cries.
  11. I don't think I will ever find my perfect banana, this becomes (after a teeny smudge of banana briefly) aaaaalll mango. Mango perfumes love me, they feed on my skin and grow enormously fat. A big fat tropical mango.its lovely, but I wanted banana!!
  12. This is do pretty and I'm glad I love it as the label is one of the ones I like the best. I like all the labels but this one called to me. I should've followed my gut instinct and gone FB!
  13. It's a nice unisex at the start, a little reminiscent of teddy potion scented, then bam!!! What I now realise must be leather comes on in with his cod piece and thrusts in my face. Aaaaargh. Back off buddy!! You ruined a perfectly good scent for me.
  14. It goes like this: creamy coffee, then cinnamon and I wonder if I picked up rouge by mistake, then the cinnamon recedes and it's increasingly creamy, then later, dark black coffee!! It's amazing! Definitely FB.
  15. This is the freakiest morpher I've ever had!! Vial-dark chocolate with an undertone of, not put my finger on it. Oops. Posted too soon, on skin: bay leaf and blackpepperwhatthefuck??! Black pepper I could understand. Bay leaf????!!!! What has my skin DONE?? This was supposed to be the first choice, definitely me-scent. Mind. Blown.
  16. And that is entirely what I was hoping for! I KNEW this would be right up my street!
  17. That is THE cutest little goat I have EVER seen!!!
  18. Try spraying the back of your neck really really close to the skin so it dribbles not mists. Alternatively spray into a small container and tip on instead of spraying direct.
  19. I'm a babe in the woods haha, more like carrying a baby through the woods with no sleep, it's taken me til now to notice!
  20. I can't do that one either, on me it smells like marmite. I'm wary of leather in this, I'm hoping it will surprise me, and not a stab me in the eyes headache surprise I'll be so happy if this is a total wild card winner.
  21. I only learnt recently that you get daytime moths! Am I the only one who didn't know this?!
  22. Ooh, I love velvet kisses but don't always want the phero!
  23. Hi Lissa! Welcome! I have fibro too so I know how much that sucks. Have you considered lace? I have a perfume that is boosted with lace+ cops and that makes me feel pretty happy. I got it a loooong time ago but only recently started to love lace- I got it back when I was new and clueless! I boosted stuff with pheros I then didn't get along with- I wrecked my dark carnation pe with Dom. Well, it worked together but I only had it with dom so couldn't wear it that often. I think supersexy and cuddle bunny are est based so lace may work too. Which is your commercial perfume?! I'm dying to kno
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