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  1. Wow lovestruck, I just saw your new avatar! Love's truck, I LOVE it!! I'm guessing you're done choosing, but I just wanted to chip in that no matter what you get doubt it will disappoint. I like teddy bb for bed, add cops and it's even more relaxing, balm bomb is absolutely amazing for when you feel really upset. B2 I have less experience with, only having had it in the original Unisexy, but I did love that. I think it made me calm and happy.
  2. Grr, I couldn't find this today for bf to test.
  3. Argh, I just can't decide yet. I'm getting new, hot n humid, and probably all of May and bunny. But that could change, I need twenty minutes solid concentration time to figure it out! Not as simple as it may sound ATM!
  4. cinnamonmel


    Bitching posts don't either! Welcome!
  5. Levitation is a nice social happy blend, and heart and soul has always worked really well for me. A lot of people like treasured hearts but for me it makes me grumpy!
  6. Ooh, I love the gender neutrality of Gemini and Temperance! This is sounding better and better.
  7. I'm sure, I have to narrow down my order realistically now the nr's are out And so tempting!! I can't have them all, this is not Pokemon omg I am losing my mind from sleep deprivation @_@
  8. Mara please release my bottle of reserved blush to anyone who misses out, I've not smelled it so I won't know what I'm missing!
  9. I have a feeling I'm going to love this, it makes me think of bosom bows. This kind of scent seems good on my skin and I loooove nutmeg in perfume!
  10. I was excited for this but I don't think the vetiver and earth combo will be me. I loooove the bat idea though based on reviews. I was hoping more of a banyan/birch dominance. I'm sometimes lucky enough to see bats fly over our garden and down near the river.
  11. Thank you! Sorry about my awful typing! back on my Old phone...made for teeny tiny fingers.
  12. He's Heavier now, i just am not sure by how much, but being over two feet tall, he's not as fat as his weight would suggest! Im torn now on notes, i like to go straight in to buy a bottle of anything i think i might love but blind sampling would be fun too.i just always worry that tgetell be a mad rush and i miss stuff in fb!
  13. WoW! Bat got better indeed! I wish i were a kangaroo sometimes, we joked at tge end that i looked like one, with a full pouch. Now i wish i had a pouch to put him in! At seven weeks he was 16lb3oz, tough to carry around!
  14. If there's any Dark and Vampy left, may i request one please
  15. I'm sure it isn't, it just would have made my prediction more accurate, and would be a fitting phero if only in name. QG, as ever , you crack me up. I'm sure you're not thaaat old
  16. I forgot to add for my review that my bottle is a spray. It was the last available bottle so I grabbed it.
  17. Fuzzy Wuzzy has a really menthol-y vicks smell to me in the initial stages. I haven't sniffed either BP or APP though. I'll try a side by side comparison soon, and see if I'm imagining the similarity.
  18. It will be spot on if the bunny has cuddle bunny in it!
  19. Soooo happy to see my prediction came true!
  20. I was so excited i forgot to request flora royale if there's enough
  21. They look gorgeous!! And, Mara, new!!!! How amazing! Thank you. Ive emailed requesting a hold of two bottles until i order my nr's (!!!so excited!!!) but thought i'd mention it here too
  22. Whereabouts are you? Im in the north west, so you may do.
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