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  1. Hmm grass and cake sounds nice to me!
  2. Wow...way to kill it for me haha. Diabetic Aunt is something I doubt will turn bf on...
  3. Ooh I moved up! A name with poo in seems appropriate!! Rio poops, then I go to change him and he poops more, then I get a clean nappy on him and he poops again! Usually managing to wee all over his clothes somehow, at the back so I don't see it til he's all fastened up!! Little monkey.
  4. This just doesn't work on me, preg or postnatally. I get cherry, then pooof! Gone and just semblance of something cakey remains. Why don't I smell it like everyone else?
  5. I've not even ordered yet!! Can't be time already!!
  6. Sure, I haven't even put it up on my page yet
  7. Dons- you're in England right? Do you want to buy mine? I got one last order but bf didn't like it.
  8. cinnamonmel


    Ooh interesting, tyvey! I have been very interested in this...but maybe I don't need it ?!!
  9. This sounds great. I'm hoping the blackcurrant is light too.
  10. Damnnnn! I knew I should've waited for feb!! There's heart and soul, yay!
  11. I just can't smell it the way it's supposed to be, in vial or on skin. Plus if it's gone by then I won't know what I'm missing. I'll just wear jubilee
  12. I don't love either version, but I prefer JD as WW. I've always wanted to just be able to make my own version!
  13. Sneaky clean! Super sexy might grab his attention. I find gotcha is a bit divisive. My bf doesn't react positively. It makes me clean the house though!! Or bang! That commands attention.
  14. With unscented pheros I only use either a circle the size of the bottle lid on each wrist and a dab to each side of my neck, or if it's teddy bb and I'm alone for bed, a two inch strip on one wrist does me. I use very little. I get major effects from bosom bows and I literally apply a dab from a sample vial to the back of my hands.
  15. The thought of those chocolates made me feel sick!! I like the liquid ones. I think in going to put my bottle up for rehoming
  16. That's annoying then. I normally change size right after buying new bras too! It's like a curse!! I need new bras again now. Finding a decent underwires nursing bra in my size... Not cheap or easy grrrr
  17. No one else in my house likes it but I do. It's soooo clean and fresh!! Surprise hit for me.
  18. Are you happy with the increase?! I was a 38h breastfeeding last time. I'm a 38f currently so am anticipating 36h this time! Joy!!
  19. It does remind me a teeny bit of musk in the pixie dust but it's coming up sharp on my skin, it's either the musk or treasured hearts. I didn't realise it had th in when I put it on. Th is not my friend. Scent wise this might work better post baby. It's almost working but not quite I've never had musk go sharp before though I have heard people talk about it.
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