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  1. Wow! If I didnt drop my cat poop right into the toilet I would get these too. I got a little sample of this today. It's yummy. For some reason, I wrongly remembered this as being supposed to have bacon in it. Duh! It hasn't.
  2. Gutted. My entire set is wrecked. They even leaked through the plastic and the cute bags and the tissuebthey were wrapped in. Waaaaaaah. I will email Mara, Halo. I just wanted to cry over my parcel. To rub salt in the wound import tax have wildly overcharged me, the assholes. Argh.
  3. I would maybe swap to one drop off the samole wand in your cleavage instead. When I began i would put one dot from a bottle on my wrists and that was it. Two swipes of a wand can be a lot.
  4. Oh how unnecessary and infuriating for you, Mara.
  5. Oh crud. I imagine sending a full bottle set back to the usa is going to be expensive. Fingers crossed they are all fine! What a pain in the ass for Mara. Ugh.
  6. Ooh! I have this en route. I am so.oleased to hear you liken it somewhat to my creamy iris! That makes me more excited. I can't wait.
  7. Speaking of leaks, I cleared bf chest of drawers out the other day... Only to find what had been a brand new bottle of a PE in there with no freaking lid on!! It was totally empty. Bad news about the bottles Eta I meant to say I am due a ton of bottles. Is it the cat bottles?
  8. This is going to be perfect for bf. He has a heavy hand and a light tolerance of pheros. I will update this post with an actual review when it arrives. We both really love Pashazade on him, maybe I will borrow this one!
  9. Crud! I placed a ridiculously huge order and had no.idea the cat jars are actually for sale! I thought they were window dressing! Doh!
  10. Wooooo! Crappy time for me so I must order asap to make me feel better!
  11. Wow! I have loved Anne Ivory since being a child. So amazing!
  12. Welcome! I love the scented too. Grapefruit was found to make people estimate the age of the grapefruit wearer as younger than their actual age
  13. Was his name really Yunk? I think he sounds amazing!
  14. I'm late to this but Tyvey summed up my feelings, and far more eloquently than I would have managed. I wish you the best in what you decide. My phero feelings were teddy bb or g2. Treasured hearts also makes me angry so you're not alone in that!
  15. Okay, well I was about to.request an invoicw but now I.need to.wait! Finances be damned. I need cheering up.
  16. It sounds good. What are the notes?
  17. Wow...i'd be at that party in a heartbeat if i could get there!
  18. So sorry I reserved stuff and didn't make my order. I just haven't really been able to cope with the decision making process to order recently. That's super lame and I do apologise for being a PITA.
  19. I slathered this on today, mistakenly thinking it had gotcha! I was seriously dazed from a good nights sleep, I did loads of stuff at home, put this on and went out to take stuff back, post parcels etc. I kept just spacing out, it was weird but I got so much done. It was like productive sleepwalking.
  20. I'm so glad this is the same as the older one. I still have some but I'd hate to run out as its so lovely.
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