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  1. Didn't the first version of rocket fuel have a different phero? Do you definitely have the ss4w one? Just a thought
  2. I only just saw these! I'd like a Hawaiian cake please
  3. Both BF and my eldest didn't like this. I do. It's a strong vanilla with something else. There's a kinda chocolate vibe. So a little like not too sweet white chocolate: I also get some kind of floral. I know that's not on the notes but that's how it smells.
  4. Ooh! Nice labels. Not sure which I will go for! The aja one is out so that makes it a little easier
  5. I think pillowy is a lovely word. It feels nice to say.If someone said to me 'your pillowy bosom', I'd find it affectionate, not offensive. To me it implies soft and comfortable and comforting.
  6. I'm in the uk too! It's a glorious day today.
  7. Hello rob, are you from Leeds?
  8. My fingers are in my ears... Lalalalalalala, I hear nothing!
  9. Rose if you want my occo ambrosia let me know. I still haven't posted your sample due to various crap, but if you want it you can have it.
  10. I'm so pleased she's enjoying it! I'm not sure what she'll do next but I'm sure it'll be something good!
  11. Welcome! I'm a fairly cautious user and samples last me ages. Phero samples I apply a small dab in three places max. Wrists, neck, ankles. It's better to start off cautious and build up than blast people into oblivion IMO. I wore three sprays of Guerlain Parfum Initial recently and even with no pheros in a fairly small space, people gave me a wide berth! I personally love Bang! A little goes a loooong way, also supersexy. If you want to create a positive attention reaction these are good.cougar is also good. I have the two x spray and that got attention from a fair distance away if that give
  12. Sounds too little an amount to od on. The glue seems a more likely culprit, to me anyway.
  13. She sounds like hell on earth, I feel for you. My thoughts were maybe mlh, but also Dom or maybe even MVP. I hope something works because it sounds awful. What a bitch.
  14. I tried this again recently and it was so different to me, I felt got a cold note from it, and i finally got a true sense of winter wonderland! I loved it anyway but this just made it fantastic!
  15. Go with whatever makes you feel best, but if you're undecided, Bang!
  16. Too late Beccah! Everything has been submitted but I appreciate your input, as always
  17. Thank you all for replying, I didn't actually read them until too late, however I did wear Tease with Lace. Sadly all we got to do was hand forms in and wait for them to call with a proper appointment. They'd told us to come in today but then got no help. Our appointment is on march 17. 17, 8 days away. Time is ticking away
  18. Since we are being thrown out of our home , we have to go and see the social housing people tomorrow. Any thoughts on the best thing to wear to a meeting?
  19. Voracious Velvet moss Teddy man Pashazade Girl nip
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