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  1. Argh! Ended up with the samplers. No self control. Oops.
  2. That's wonderful! I'm yet to order but I think I'm going for blessing, mercury and peaceful home samples.
  3. I agree with Beccah, 1 spray is enough for me. Scented blends I just apply a couple of dots to my wrists and they're weaker. I'd also agree that it can be hormonal.
  4. I made a small list, and I was so happy to read the notes when they came up that they will work! I have $40 paypal so I might spring for 3-4 samples
  5. This made me laugh:) I guess it's also possible to personally just smell some notes more also, like how you can be anosmic to some smells, so in those cases the other notes must really jump out more to that individual.
  6. Aha! Leather. I tried this without the notes and had to wipe off. It was no good on me. It was very strong and while rosy, had a strong almondy/musty vibe I couldn't get past. It must have been leather. I knew this wouldn't really be a me scent so who knew what I was thinking when I ordered it! Luigi wasn't keen either. I didn't give Buster chance to get near it. He is the perfume fan usually. I hate giving bad reviews, but this was not good for me. Eve of Darkness thankfully was!
  7. We'll, what a great time to need to be frugal! There's a lesson here I'm sure! I know nothing about sigils so this was interesting. I can't wait to try and guess how they smell!
  8. I can't buy anything so I'm not getting ridiculously excited this time, but I'm still curious
  9. I'm hoping for: butt-hurt no more, kidney ok potion, ex turn into a snail, and debt be gone potions.
  10. Totally forgot this had pheros, I might have waited until I was better to test but oh well! It's kind of green like flower stems. It develops into more than that but I'm having a hard time with it, I can't pick out individual notes. I'll look at the list above and see if it helps! Hmm, okay I'd guessed some lily, and lavender but I was only right on one. It's very balanced then, nothing stands out above the others much. It's nicer after the first 20 minutes, being lower in pitch but only slightly and still green like live greenery.
  11. Beautiful review. This is super strong, and it has a vibe of Gitana about it. It's dark and mysterious and Arabian. I absolutely love it. I wish I had gone FB.
  12. 'It reminds me of how magnolia or gardenia can be almost too much to handle even naturally. Once it dries down though it is very pleasant, complex, powdery and woody at the same time.' Interesting fact: There are no natural gardenia scents, it has to be synthesised. It's never natural.
  13. This was my first experience with b2.2 and I had raging pmt after ovulation, let's call it cracked egg rage anyway I didn't think I had any b2.2 when it was suggested then my brain slowly figured it out that I had this. Tiny dab = happy. Went shopping, people were nice. It works for me The scent is closest to original unisexy, which is good as I liked that one a lot. It's woody but sweet and leaning on the masculine side
  14. I put this on last night, it's a 50/50 split on apple and apricot. It's a warm scent and sweetly pretty.This morning it was more like the base ingredients, soft and musky.
  15. Ooh I hope this is one:http://www.lovepotionperfume.com/perfumerie/potion/LuckyLove7/ But not this (that I stumbled on while looking for the name of the above):http://www.nelsoncreekoutdoors.com/lucky7lp7.html
  16. I'd guess it depends on the guy! Mine has no interest in lingerie. Luckily he loves me whatever I'm wearing, big pants, pj's and all
  17. Is anyone else picturing superhero style megawatt t shirts?! Only superphero not superhero
  18. Bit hypocritical to steal them but tell you off for buying them! I'd be mad!
  19. I'm in the northwest. I just saw you got your order! So exciting!
  20. Oh yeah the bnol.. Avoid that! Tmi saw me almost telling someone I barely knew a really inappropriate story, and them blathering at me for about half an hour. Sounds like you need a 'social Awkwardness' phero!
  21. Also the house changes, and new unfamiliar materials may have provoked unease and territory marking. It's possible materials were stored near other animals too. Plus if they've been banished from that area for a while that may have unsettled them. How about some cat nip? That usually makes cats pretty happy!
  22. Thanks rose, it was bf's grandfather who I had never met. If you find the pee, the best thing I know to get rid of it is diluted biological laundry liquid. I know there are specific products out there but this works (in my experience) and works best (I have been told). I don't think you need to worry about the feliway. Hope you're feeling better, bf is in the exact same situation.
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