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  1. My gut instinct says that possibly there was ammonia in something your builders used and that is why the marking has begun in that spot. I have a funeral to get to or I'd get into the other questions
  2. This was on my must have list out of the nr's. I'm glad it sounds wonderful on skin too!
  3. Hi! I'm also in the uk whereabouts are you?
  4. I'm dying to try this, and on bf too. I didn't get my free sample so I'm going to have to wait until my next order comes!
  5. Not had a bad reaction off anyone else but my god, it made me ratty as anything, I wanted to slap someone. I really just couldn't cope with it.
  6. I'd personally go with perfect match based on my dating experiences. I have my younger man now 7 years my junior.
  7. cinnamonmel

    A Wake

    Creamy coffee, then cinnamon, but not sharp cinnamon, sweet and puddingy. It actually reminds me of Alpro gingerbread soya dessert, which I love.
  8. Well, I have to say, nothing like I imagined. This smells like a real gentleman, very classy. At first it's almost like lavender, but not lavender. The spice is slowly growing though. It's like an old fashioned shaving soap. It's not going to be the bf's kind of scent, but I do like it. Makes me think of smooth clean shaven skin. Very nice.
  9. First time I sniffed this, I had a cold, so it was hard to make out much of it. Today I can smell things better so I tried again. At the start, a faint banana hint turning into toast and butter, literally two minutes later...bang...something a little like caraway, pumps itself up eclipsing everything else and smacking me in the face full force. Fastest morph ever. I'm sad. It's actually giving me a headache, I think I have to wash it off. I was thinking I'd need more than a sample, but this has gone so bad, I think one try was enough. It grew like those sponge capsules you used to get that yo
  10. Whose baby is on Lost Luggage?! That label is adorable. I must have warm Jammies, and I'm excited to hear what's in snowman poo!
  11. Yay! And oh no! We can't have nr's now! I spent all my gc's!!
  12. I think my major dating turn around came when I stopped taking anything personally. I just thought, well, fuck you, as in forget this, not aaaargh FUCK YOUUUUUU, if you don't like me, it's not right, because I deserve someone who thinks I'm perfect for them. And, that's what I got.
  13. I don't even have mine yet so I'm in no hurry!
  14. I'm reviewing this again due to me changing so much. First off, sugary peach, then that fades out and magnolia/peony push to the front. There's something kind of greasy when i press my nose to my wrist, like greasepaint, but I imagine this is the cream. From a distance it's primarily throwing peach, the other stuff you need to move in closer for. It's a lot more complex than it seemed at first but I'm not sure I like it so much. I'm not sure peony is a great floral on me. It's very interesting and I really like that, it certainly has an aura of the theatre about it. I just don't know if
  15. If were me, I'd keep them seperate as the scent is going to get diluted by it, I would just apply sparingly next to the perfume.
  16. Thanks Stacy. I'm guessing this might go ambersaurus on me
  17. All this gets explained in the commitmentphobic man book. It's classic. These are the guys I learned to sidestep before we even went on a date some of the time. It's so worth reading. Donsie - there's been at least two versions of mrf to my knowledge, I think one was sexology. Are you sure your mrf has super sexy?
  18. Can anyone who has lavender velouté compare the two for me? I loved that but the amber took over the whole thing.
  19. Beach goddess, I'm pretty tired so I'll keep this short: the idea behind the four man plan is definitely not to date intimately, that's why you have more than one man. The idea is you don't get intimate until you've narrowed them down. I'd recommend getting the book, it's easier to follow. I'd also recommend Men who can't love: the Commitmentphobic man. It taught me a huge amount. After all my reading, I met my bf and we're settled together and have a baby. We've been together for two years now. Take hold lightly of any dates is my advice. If it's meant to happen, it will. Eta: the gu
  20. Ugh, my posts keep vanishing! I'd like winter woody with alpha/beta like it was originally. Please?! I'll second lace or heart and soul with lemon cake. I think tonka berry with b2 would be nice. Nox-g2, sugared magi-ss4m,
  21. Heart and soul would be my recommendation. It just makes people so NICE!
  22. Salon selectives!! I used to use their air-pump spray! I loved that smell! Now I can't wait!! Shame about velvet kisses LV, I love that one a lot.
  23. Purple puff-balm bomb! Sugared resins-I'd like heart and soul but I'm guessing that's not a popular choice. Anything with h&s would be nice.
  24. Knowing bf was having a hard time tonight, I put a little of this on him. Later he asked what it was and said it really helped. I find this better even than straight balm bomb, the scent is so soothing. This is my go to perfume for grief. Thank you, again, for making this. It's seen me through some hard times and if it helps bf too, then it's amazing. It fits the name so well.
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