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  1. This has to be my favourite scent so far...which is good as it is my first bottle! What do I get from it... It's like the most heavenly incense, unlit, with a smidge of patchouli, the sweetest rose turkish delight and a hint of mint tea on your breath. It's delicious! I gave this to my mum to try and she loved it also. She said "hmmmm,this takes meback a bit!"...followed later by "get me some!".
  2. I tried this the other night and was so sad when it turned into an uber-masculine tobacco on my skin. It had sweetness in the vial but myskin wrecked it!
  3. Well I can't wait to hear about this since i ordered it with cops also! I'm waiting for my first order of samples to come-hopefully any day now-so impatient. Can you tell i have a fairly empty life?! lol.
  4. No favourites yet as I haven't tried anything! Waiting for my order
  5. Hi! I'm from the UK, (single) mum to two girls, 6 and 3. I only just found love potions but have been avidly collecting scents for some time-my chemistry keeps changing and my tastes! Especially excited by the pheremone scents-after 6 years of baby raising I could use some help!
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