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  1. My observation with the three has been that bb makes me very much calmer when I'm stressed, balm bb is good for when you're upset and crying, but b2 is more social in effect. I also have PTSD and am resistant to sedation. When having my teeth out they told me that they gave me double what they normally use. Do you take vitamin d3? I've found that this helps me a lot where depression is concerned, I need loads, I take 10,000 iu capsules, if I take them everyday I'm pretty good. If I forget I take three for a few days and the difference is amazing. I also take magnesium which improves my sleep
  2. Lainey, I'd get beautiful dreamer with balm bomb-that stuff is amazing!
  3. Lainey, I'd probably have been jumping in that truck-just to check!! That really sucks.
  4. Since I had a load of gc's... I got the FB set for November! And a small Halloween sampler!
  5. So, NuTrix, is this like the original unisexy or the last one?
  6. I agree cutie pie. I've been in that situation also. My ex was always 'well it wouldn't bother ME'. Totally irrelevant!! The pint is that these things bothered ME, and in this case, YOU and they do not care. This seems the crux of the matter. My ex would tell me ' just stop being bothered by it'. What a complete dick he was. I thought in time I could get him to see my side, we'd make things work etc... It honestly took reading the book I suggested to see how things becoming unworkable wasn't my fault, and this was way after we broke up! Commitmentphobics get married, it's not as simple as t
  7. If it's ok with Mara and you want to LV, I'm happy to split my tyv's berry patch?
  8. Amazing!!! I reviewed three things the other day actually but didn't get around to posting in the thread. I'll go write some more! I love the labels. I'm going to get samplers at the very least for bf and me. Can't wait to hear the notes!!!! Seriously, this is the most exciting bit of my evening so far
  9. I can't wait for this. If anyone usually needs more energy, it's me!
  10. I'd go with perfect match. In my dating experiences it weeds out the commitment phobics.
  11. Is this anything like Ail's voluptuous vanilla? Bf had that on today, and oh my goodness, couldn't keep my hands off him, I just wanted to snuggle him constantly. we only have a sample though... Wondering if this'd work the same?
  12. Hurray!! I might get bf one as it's his birthday in November!
  13. Having read all the reviews, I'm wondering if bf would like this on him. I may have to try it after all!
  14. I'd also be up for testing in my baby free tidy up time I can't wait for November! It's My favourite LP month!
  15. The phero is definitely available, as I said, just not in anything here or from here as an unscented. Anything that boosts your mood should help though, unless it makes you want to dance and have fun instead of clean/whatever you wanted energy for my problem is mainly lack of focus lol.
  16. Don't know re a particular component, he just hasn't liked any scent with it in so I'm pretty sure it's the phero. He was lovely when I was pregnant, he responds well to est, he's a gentleman
  17. £1 shops here sell massive thin plastic sheets for when you paint, how about that kind of thing? Or else a tent in the garden and camping stove?!
  18. Welcome! Always nice to hear more male perspectives.
  19. I've never gotten it to behave. I've not even looked at the new horror!
  20. Storax for me has an almost cinnamon smell, I burn it on charcoal a lot. It's a liquid resin so it comes in charcoal too. I think I may need to try this.
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