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  1. No, Mara said about a month. I hate artfire too. Is it a stupid question to ask if the artfire stuff could go back on the main site?!
  2. Please may I take one sleep tight might, and pay with my wax melt order if that's okay?
  3. That's okay, I can wait patiently! Is it okay to email and reserve something and pay when they are done?
  4. When will new wax melts be available? I'm dying to order!
  5. I have shown enormous restraint so far and have not ordered! I adore the labels but I read ebilish is different so I'm telling myself I can live without. I'm really hanging on by my nails waiting to order melts when they appear. I can't wait!! But yeah, I should maybe get a sampler huh...lol
  6. Edit:because I am brain dead ATM and did not read the replies above properly after seeing sleep tight might was all gone. Doh. Thanks Mara for rebrewing ?
  7. Does anyone know the schedule for wax melty melts?! I'm dying for new ones!
  8. It wasn't available when I bought mine either but it comes up on the trade thread occasionally. I will say, the ones that give me an energy boost, I do crash from later. Gotta pay the piper etc...
  9. Okay, I'm sold! I'll have to try it. I was trying to be good.
  10. Put this on today and I was gutted! My skin turned it into coconut husk. Hours later I get the plumeria, but I think I can wear Humidity for that. Sad me and whichever LP coconut this is just ain't gettin' along as sugared coconut did it. Boo hoo.
  11. Omg!!! The labels!!! Mara, they're fantastic!!! I want posters, or postcards!!! I ❤️Love❤️Them. Weird this just went up because I just said to myself how impatient I am and I need to know what the Halloween stuff is right now! There it was!! And yay! Ebilish!
  12. It's a lot 'higher' than just cinnamon, to me cinnamon alone is duller and lower. This seems to be brightened by pink sugar. It's a shiny pink sweet that tastes of cinnamon. It's very nice. I'd like to try it with chocolate and mint.
  13. I get red apple too. A shiny toffee apple, with red lacquered sugar outside and apple inside. One of my favourite smells.
  14. I really wanted this to work but something in it turns bad on me. I'm not sure what it is but there's an undertone that just isn't happy on my skin.
  15. I can't top what bv wrote, she really is spot on with this!
  16. Thanks for posting this! I'm glad it was good for you. Mara and Romie did a great job on this! She's planning her next PE ATM!
  17. Has anyone else gotten this and could review it?
  18. Fang and pashazade, based on what bf and I like best out of those first choices. I also like wolf, thrill of the chase, tmi, goal, and bf likes Valhalla, and we both love cocked, and touchdown.
  19. It's very sweet, the bonfire aspect appears later, but still quite muted, it's not the smell of your hair after standing next to a fire! Thumbs up from me and the bf.
  20. It's very brown sugary sadly, I can see a healthy following for this, but it's not for me. I really love the label though.
  21. It's like fresh apricot and apricot jan combined. It smells like the opening of LP Ceremony, which is great, as I adore that!
  22. Wow QG! You smell HOT! It's a really fresh musk. Another one I'd wear alone. I'd also imagine this is a nice unisex. Ha, I just read the unisex description under the notes above! It is though
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