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    I am also something of a cologne hound and love to try new scents as well as new things in general.

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  1. I never got to try Dirty Old Man so I cannot weigh in on that but every woman I've interacted with while wearing MMM has been really happily affected by it.
  2. All I am going to say is that, in the right circumstances this stuff is DANGEROUS. In the wrong circumstances it can be dynamite. *BOOM* Please, if anyone has tried this or someone around them has can you please chime in with a review? Good, bad or ugly I am curious to see what others are noticing with this.
  3. I third that observation. I've noticed that it definitely has some staying power. Not a bad thing since it smells so nice.
  4. For any guys reading this, I think you would find this to be a scent that most of us guys will really enjoy. It's very work appropriate in that clean, fresh way. If only that lemongrass/lemon top note lasted just a bit longer! I agree completely with @luna65 on this scent, though. This is a great daywear scent that could go from work to play very easily. Also, the MVP phero blend is a very easy to wear blend. It will put a slight VIP spotlight on the wearer and ensure that people want to get closer to you and follow your leader.
  5. I was actually hoping for a woman's perspective on this since I don't know the scent. I'm also interested in how the blends are from that same perspective.
  6. I'm seriously considering buying a bottle of Conjurer boosted with either The Love God or Mark's MILF Magnet. Which would any of you suggest?
  7. I doubt I'll have time to post tomorrow but I'm just putting this little placeholder here. Going to make my beautiful bride and all the women at church TSAI tomorrow! Hehe hehehe... I'm finding this to be every bit as much fun as I remembered it being. Of course, I also still love The Love God but I really can't pick a favorite child. Both blends are similar yet different. Happy Eostre and Easter everyone!
  8. Just to give you an idea of how much I like this product and how well it works for me, I have a bottle of this lightly scented with UN for men. Don't let the fact that it is lightly scented fool you because UN is unbelievable as a cover scent. Anyhow, I have a spray bottle of this and I panicked when I couldn't find it for a few days. Finally, I remembered where I stashed it and... *breathe sigh of relief* Crisis averted. My bride reacts quite well to this blend as does everyone else. Just a reminder that oil or spray, scented or not, let the pheromones (ie copulins in this
  9. Whoo! I know it hasn’t sold out yet but @Potion Mastercan we get a rebrew?
  10. On me this dries down to blended leather and whiskey. I can deal with that. My bride can also apparently deal with it. Seriously, if I can swing a full bottle before this sells out I am going to get one. I have no doubt this will sell out quickly.
  11. Hello and welcome to the forum! I agree, Mara is AMAZING!!
  12. I'm wearing this scent again today and it has aged very well. VERY well. It is even smoother than it was before and the tonka really comes to the fore and stays for a while. Love it.
  13. Oh man. I figured that I would wear this today even though I had church. My thought was that I'd be up on the platform away from everyone so I could get away with wearing it because I LOVE the scent. Nope! It was pandemonium. Several women asked about the caramel apple scent they were picking up on. They all talked about how amazing it smelled. I had 15 women all hanging around me after church today. It was funny. When we are all sitting in the pews, everyone is socially distant so they remove their masks. Apparently I put on enough Adam's Nectar that it wafted throughout the chapel
  14. That is great to hear! I'm glad you are liking it. The phero blend and the scent were designed to work synergistically to provide comfort and bonding as well as a little spark.
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