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  1. Not yet. Life, err finances got in the way. Still on my wish list to get, though.
  2. What would you like to know about it? Hunter Trapper is a very good date night Phero combo. Not only is it attractive to women but it has a wonderful emotional ‘hook’ to it as well. People around the wearer are attracted to them but also feel more emotionally connected as well.
  3. For the record, this has aged VURRY well. Gents the women in your life will really enjoy this scent. Trust me on that.
  4. I'm still finding this to be a great relationship pheromone but also one that seems to trap others in it's phero goodness. There is a LOT of beta-androstenol in this and that really helps the bonding feelings it tends to promote. I love how well this works as an overall people good mood maker as well. I saw that just this morning. I was wearing UN for Men scent boosted with 3M and everyone in my phero cloud started getting into a better and better mood. It also works great with any romantic partners as well. Try it, you'll like it!
  5. Snoopyace


    Honestly, your review hit the nail on the head. This smells AMAZING on my bride!
  6. I could totally see this being unisex. I LOVE the reactions I get from people when I wear this. It has such a warm snuggly vibe. I bought it boosted with Charisma and it is great with that but I want a bottle boosted with either 3M or TLG. Snuggly Pheros for a snuggly scent.
  7. So I let this sit and settle just a few weeks and I like it even it more than before. It has gotten even more smooth and all the various components just meld perfectly. It is fantastic. I'm going to have to get this with either MMM or TLG because it is great with Charisma but I want a more snuggly phero to combine it with.
  8. My wife always has a very positive reactions to Mark's MILF Magnet or The Love God but I did make them specifically for our relationship.
  9. Awww…. That’s not good.
  10. AHAHAHA! Wait for the drydown.
  11. I've been wearing this for several hours now and it really is an amazing scent. Smooth over everything. That's the phrase that pays with this particular scent. It is a smooth warm and cuddly scent. I cannot wait until it gets colder out and I'm going to be wearing this scent A LOT. The projection is incredible and as Luna said, this is an absolute BEAST. "Live in my enormous cloud of stinky goodness and be attracted to me!" It starts out for me as a very coconut cashmere scent that is very unisex but as it dries, the coconut remains present but takes a back seat to the patchouli (don't worry if you are not a patchouli fan) and the cashmere. The two combine to create a very masculine, very grounded sexy scent. I'm really digging this and so did the unsuspecting friend of mine I had a business meeting with. She was more than a little distracted by me as was the barista at the coffee shop we met at. I was standing on the other side of a counter and the poor young lady caught a snootful when my scent cloud caught up to me and passed me as I stepped up to the counter. Deep sniff. "Is that you that smells like sex on the beach?" Then she got embarrassed and messed up my order but the compliment was worth it. She said I smelled really nice. I told her the name of what I was wearing and went to my poor distracted friend.
  12. Hooray!! I cannot wait to get my parcel! I think it's been mailed. Not sure. *shrugs* Good things come to those who wait.
  13. I am a big fan of both Tsai and Poseidon. As well as the accompanying Phero blends.
  14. Nothing I can think of off the top of my head, unfortunately. I'm sure that @Potion Master would have some excellent ideas, however.
  15. I can relate. I had a sample pack from that month and thought Fairground was great!
  16. I will make note of that. I tend to slather.
  17. Hooray! I have a full bottle of this boosted with Charisma on it's way right now. Now I'm wondering if I should have gotten it boosted with MMM or TLG instead! Thanks for the review, sounds like this might be a great cooler weather scent.
  18. Any reviews on this one yet? I'm really curious.
  19. Snoopyace


    I'd bought a full bottle of this for my bride in the hopes that it'd be similar to what you described. I'm so glad to hear that it sounds amazing!
  20. Going Full bottle of Papi Chulo (boosted with Charisma) and a Full bottle of Katje. Also getting a sample pack of this months new releases. Oh, and bottles of Unisexy and LP: Black. Those bottles are gifts for friends.
  21. I usually wear TLG as a way to help my bride and me to feel more connected so I don't usually pay attention to its affects on others anymore. Having said that, I went out today wearing 4 sprays (60/40) of The Love God lightly scented with LP #9. It was a good day. I had on four sprays, split between the tops of my hands and sides of my neck. I had several errands to run today. One of them included a meeting with a friend about working together. What was supposed to be a quick ten minutes turned into over an hour of her TALKING AT ME. She started out in a bad mood but almost immediately after entering my cloud of phero goodness, she perked up. She was just in a fantastic mood by the time I managed to extricate myself. We did conclude our business but she was so busy wanting to compliment me and talk about personal stuff that it took a lot longer than it needed to. Then, I had several stores to shop at. Due to the pandemic with social distancing and mask wearing, I'd forgotten how much this can drag people (women in particular) along in my phero wake. I go from aisle to aisle and women who were heading the opposite direction through the aisles are suddenly showing up wherever I am. By the time I left produce, there were 3 women who already had either apples, bananas, or strawberries in their respective carts from already being in produce, furtively looking in my direction as if they were hoping I would talk to them. Various cashiers were all extra chatty with me and at the grocery store one bagger (I assume early 20's brunette female) actually followed me to the car while chatting at me until she realized I really didn't need help and then embarrassingly excused herself and went back inside. Yup. The Pied Piper is back, baby!
  22. Quite honestly, I continue to be amazed by how well you manage it all!
  23. I had gotten my bride a full bottle of that one and she still has a little left which she uses when she wants me to turn into Gomez Addams around her.
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