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  1. Wow! Mad props to Starlitegirl & Lisa on the labels! You gals are so talented! I'm also starting to understand why I've read so many posts describing peoples' love for LP's as an addiction. I've been happily in love with my LP Red, figuring it was a life-long one-on-one relationship that was meant to last......and now I see these new releases and I find myself dying to read the descriptions and planning my future order. Looks like the LP Red was my first "hit" of the LPMP drug and now I'm addicted just like the rest of you. Hi.....my name is Sarah.....and I'm an LPMP addict. (
  2. Thanks for the warm welcomes As I've been reading more and more posts I've noticed how many people mention their astrological sign. I admit I know next to nothing about astrology but was once told I'm a Pisces born under a Pisces moon. I'm not sure what significance that has but I thought I'd share that. I do know I was born in the year of the Tiger under Chinese astrology and have noticed the Chinese horoscopes seem to suit my personality better...for whatever that's worth. Oh, and I LOVE the idea of a Dear John scent! Maybe with some BI, for luring in the next male victim. Not
  3. My name is Sarah & I'm from Long Beach, CA. 35, single, owner of one psycho Siamese cat from hell (or maybe he owns me...it's still up for debate). I'm a self-employed licensed private investigator specializing in legal investigations, insurance investigations and undercover operations. I also work part-time on a 130' three-masted schooner (picture Pirates of the Caribbean without the cheesy outfits). Sailing is my passion and I wouldn't be able to mentally survive the investigative world without it. I'm a huge computer geek & tech nerd. I also love horror movies (the cheesier the bett
  4. Thanks for all the help! I'm ok with having to shake it. I've gotten used to shaking the unscented silicone pheros prior to application already anyway. Diluting the scent isn't a bad thing either. Since it's LP Red I'm going to be using I'm assuming it will end up smelling a bit more like OCCO Red. I like the smell of OCCO Red. It's a lot like LP Red but with less ...I dunno..."umph" & cinnamon. It seems a bit sweeter & softer. I like it a lot. I wouldn't mind it retaining a bit more of the cinnamon smell than the OCCO Red has but I really like the extra sweetness. If my first attempt
  5. OK, here's the plan....... LP Red oil.....Unscented Blatant Invitation in a silicone base....Combining the two. I'd like to mix a bit of the Blatant Invitation in with the LP Red but I'm wondering about mixing an oil with a silicone. Will this work? I'm assuming it will be a mixture I will have to shake each time before I use it. Is it best to let it sit for a while before trying? Just a bit confused about combining the two mediums.
  6. I'm absolutely IN LOVE with my LP Red. I will never be without a bottle. It starts off very much like cinnamon incense with a touch of sweetness when wet, then dries to a slightly spicy caramel smell on me. Everyone seems to love the smell and I get compliments all the time. I have the OCCO Red and the the smell is more like the sweet caramel smell of LP Red's dry down than it's opening spicy scent. Less silage with the OCCO Red than the LP Red though it seems. I still really like it though. Been thinking of trying to blend in some BI with some of the LP Red to soften it a bit (well, to
  7. Choosing the Not because I feel it represent me....but just because I really want to know what that banana is doing to that poor cow!! In life, sometimes you're the cow, sometimes you're the banana.....
  8. Wasn't really my opinion...it was just a statement of fact on how I live and why I choose to live the way I do. Just didn't want the gals to think I feel online dating is bad, 'cause I don't. It's just not the route I choose to take. Nothing more...nothing less. Wasn't hoping for validation or for anyone to agree with me, just wanted to make sure I had expressed myself clearly enough so as not to put forth the wrong impression. We all lead different types of lives. It's all good. We're ALL right
  9. I think that's AWESOME that the online thing works for you guys (Lor & Dolly). If the pool of quality men starts running thin where I'm at, who knows. I'm not 100% closed off to any possibilities. I'll try anything once...twice if it was fun enough I do think you guys are misunderstanding my position though. There's no need to DEFEND the merits of online dating. It's just not for ME. If it works for you, then you go girl! One is not BETTER than the other. One is just better than the other for ME. I just keep my life simple. I go out, hang out doing the hobbies I love and date the men
  10. Lor, I agree any and all communication is good communication whether it be online or out in the real world. Having the ability to communicate with pretty much anyone, anywhere is an amazing, awesome thing and I agree it can lead to people, such as your father, having the ability to meet the one person who may truly be the love of one's life. It's also an invaluable tool for those who may have difficulty reaching out to others in the real world. I think there's a place in this world for online communication and online dating and I'm positive there have been many sucessful matches, romantic and
  11. Lor, don't get me wrong, there's NOTHING wrong with it! I'm in no way judging it! I'm not saying one is better than the other, it's just that I PERSONALLY feel more comfortable, like I'm REALLY connecting and communicating when I'm face to face with someone. Online communication is fine (we're doing it now aren't we) but, to me, there's a lot lost in the process. That's just my opinion though. Lots of people in the world don't agree with me and that's fabulous. We can't all see the world the same way. I just know what works FOR ME. I've got a fabulous group of close friends I would go to the e
  12. My avoiding the virtual world has NOTHING to do with fear or trying to avoid my own potential horror story. I just prefer face to face interaction. I'm not afraid of ANYTHING . I just believe in putting myself out there.
  13. I'm glad online dating works for some...as for me, you can count me out. I try to keep myself out of the virtual world as much as possible. I think this is even the only forum/blog/etc that I belong to....and I joined so I could read about the possible discounts. I don't belong to online groups, I don't instant message, none of that. I've heard nothing but horror stories about online dating so my theory is if you put yourself out in the real world as much as possible doing things that are meaningful to you, you'll find another someone who is doing the same thing. This, of course, is just my op
  14. Finally got back on to let you gals know how things went on my second date.....although at this point I think we're on our 12th date so I'd say things went well I'm STILL not sure whether the pheromones effect him or not because I've definitely learned he's naturally very loving, caring, affectionate, and protective (makes it hard to tell if the H&S is working on him), and is also very sexual (makes it hard to tell if the BI is working on him). I can definitely tell you though that he LOVES the scent of LP Red. He's commented on it several times now. He says he loves that I smell like va
  15. First chance I've gotten to get back online to share my date experience. Been SUPER busy. It's a sad statement of fact but, when the economy gets bad, business in my line of work goes UP. First things first though, comments I've been wanting to make but hadn't had a chance to..... Don't get me wrong, I'm 100% all for embracing my "inner skank". No problem there! I think we all have a little "skank" in us that needs to get out and roam free every once in a while. Unleash the inner sex kitten (I prefer the term "sex kitten" to "skank" but my friend started calling BI "eau de skank " so now i
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