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  1. Wow! It's a very professional advice! comes from the veteran of this forum. Thank you, I'll definitely follow.
  2. I'm very new and never heard about LP before December. It happend that I got a sample of Vamp Cafe from Scent Addict and was like WoW!!! I really love it. Goddesslynne sent me a welcome package with 15 different samples and my favorite were Garland & Lace and Cougar. And now I see that all of them are from December special. They are awersome!! My question is: Do I need to buy a toons of them because they will be discontinued, or I have a few month to get my finances together? Well, I'm very grateful that I found those wonderful scents. Garland & Lace is amazing, sweet, lovely. I have it in my scent locket and it still strong after 10 hours. I'm very happy and already ordered a whole bottle. Thank you very much.
  3. Hi everyone again! I just got a welcome package (very generous package) from Goddesslynne!!! She was very kind to send me 15 different samples of LP including several pheromone enhanced ones! I'm in cloud 7th or 9th (or whatever it should be) and very grateful! My favorites are Garland & Lace (looks like one of my cats too, she is talking to me right now, saying how much she loves it) and my old love Vamp Cafe. Cougar is #3 in my list. Oh, thank you, girls for a very very warm "welcome" in this forum! And special THANK YOU for Goddesslynne! She is great!!
  4. Yes! I already put my eye (both) on Cougar. Looks very lovely. Thank you
  5. Thank you every one for a very lovely greeting! I'll definitely follow your suggestions and order those oils. I like foody, dark and flowery scents. I would say "havy" scents. Pink sugar always make me happy (mixed with orange - even more). I was looking for scent lockets in this site and could't find any. They make a very beautiful staff, why don't create gorgeous lockets?
  6. sharky

    Vamp Cafe

    I'm in love with Vamp Cafe. Got it as a sample and now I need a bottle. I didn't recognize any coffee notes. Strong berrys (maybe cranberry) and vanilla. DIVINE.
  7. Hi! I'm Sharky! I'm 41, married, live in AZ and I'm from Russia (originally). I'm a pharmacist, my son is 21, and I have 2 cats (girls), they are my babies. Recentlely I discovered Love Potion and fall in love with. I got a sample of Vamp Cafe from Scent Addict and I love it very much. I like it way more than BPAL. Now I will spend all my money on Love potion's oils. What are a good scents for the beginner? Thank you for your time,Sharky
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