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  1. I recieved my sample of Coffee & Sugar Scrub yesterday and used it this morning. I can honestly say that I think I'm in love! It smells absolutely amazing; I don't drink coffee but I like the smell of it and it lathers up nicely. My skin feels so soft and touchable. It's almost like a mixture of coffee and a fudge brownie combined together like someone mentioned earlier. I layered this with Dream Lover after I got out of the shower. I love it. My next order will be this combined with Dream Lover. Thank you for the sample it totally rocked!
  2. Hello Everyone, I think I'm posting this in the right area. So I wore Sexology 1x mixed with Lusty Luscious in the beta form along with BI 1x in the beta form with five sprays of each. Probably over kill but I think I was looking to get into something. Ok so, I hung out with one of my guy friends to watch "From Paris With Love" which we picked up from the Red Box; the whole entire time he kept rubbing his arm against mine casually. Didn't think anything of it until we get back to his place and I'm pretty stretched on trying to focus on the movie. Next thing you know, he's rubbing his h
  3. For the first time I wore LAM (Vanilla & Honey) scent. I must say upon first application it smells like Phero Girl on me; but as it dried down I get straight Honey which I really like and I smell no Vanilla at all. 2 hours later the Honey disappears and all I smell is pure Vanilla like that scent from Victoria's Secret; I can't detect the Honey at all. It's very light on me and I like it. I probably need to wear more to see if I get any hits with this but I like it allot.
  4. I'm thinking of Babe in the Woods mixed with Lace and Lusty Licious mixed with Sexology. Toying with the idea of getting a bottle of the Elixir of Wordly Delights.
  5. Hello Everyone, So I wore Jouir De for the first time last night with a new significant. This one is my absolute favorite; it smells exactly like my favorite perfume J'Adore but I get bonus effects of what it inspires. I think I'm in love or more like lust but I just can't stop smiling. Needless to say I had an awesome night last night; this scent gave my new significant other staying power without having to pop Viagra pills and he's not that old. I'm not sure if this is bad or not but this morning I got a phone call from my significant other telling me he never had a problem with
  6. Hello Everyone, I wore LP Red to work today. I like the smell of it but my co workers kept sniffing saying something is burning. I've had people come in and all day commetting that the room smells like burnt wood; at one point a CAPT said perhaps its all the boxes stacked up in the cornor. I didn't over dose on puttig it on just around my neck and wrist. The other commet I've heard is someone is burning incense. I don't think this one works on me. RS
  7. Hello Everyone, I used BI for the first time today and used Dream Lover as the cover scent. I took everyones advice and let BI dry down ten minutes after I rolled it on; omigosh talk about something to wake you up in the morning. I gotta say I kept sniffing me. I attended a training session today and didn't notice anything unsual. I took the elevator down with a guy and two other females; I kept smelling that waffle smell from waffles you smell at Cold Stone Creamery. I'm thinking wow someone has on some good hair conditionar and its makeing me hungry. I feel like a dork because I to
  8. Hello Everyone, So I have used up the entire little vial of Cuddle Bunny. I like the scent clean and fresh; I couldn't stop smelling me. I tried this one out on two of my friends and the results were somewhat interesting. My first test subject part time cuddle partner; Cuddle Bunny made him vey aggressive in a playful way. Talk about getting ones hair pulled in kinky way. With him there was no cuddling which was totally out of charcter for him (pyscho reved up bunny). My other friend I tried this scent out on told me I smelled like Johnson and Johnson Baby lotion. Ummm. I don't thin
  9. I ordered allot with some samples and others without. It's the titles and descriptios that jumped out at me. Dream Lover, Cupidity, Dangerous Games, That Kind of Girl, Ravished, and Wooing and Rapture. RS
  10. Hello Everyone, I'm Wesley aka RoguerySaint. I joined yesterday and this is my first post. I purchased a whole lot of samples today that I'm excited about trying. I figured I'd try out the sample first before I actually get a normal size. The samples I got order were Dirty Pretty Thing The Empress of Persica G-String Evil In Carnation Crimson Black Jouir De LP Red I can't remember the the other ones. I probably should have tried something to help me focus on my studies because I'm so not feeling school right now. A brand new year and lots of adventures. I look forward
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