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  1. Hmm...I never thought of it that way! Ha, ha! I want to hear about that!
  2. I wore Mara's Rocket Fuel V3 yesterday to my salsa dance class. We rotate partners, and all of men I danced with lost their concentration, forgot their steps, and thought I was the best partner ever. Even my teacher, who's a tough nut to crack, started to notice me. However, I don't think I'll be wearing this to class anymore. It was way too distracting!
  3. Yes, this does have a nice powdery, floral scent. It smelled strong when I first applied it, but it dried down quickly.
  4. Honestly, this has a tad bit of an "old lady" smell to me. But I think it would go well with Orchid Rose LAM (if one wanted to mix the two nols) or the purple OCCO.
  5. I meant as far as liking the scent, not amount of communication. He's already a talker. He just didn't say anything about the fragrance the way he does with Pink Sugar.
  6. I tried OCCO Pink on my TG because it's similar to Pink Sugar, which he loves! I didn't get any verbal reaction to my LAM Pink Amber and OCCO Pink like I would have desired, but he seemed to have a good time dancing with me.
  7. I just ordered a sample of this. Can't wait to try it!
  8. I ordered sampler sets of all of the Like A Magnet and OCCO fragrances. I've gotten some nice hits from this combo. Nothing out of the ordinary. People were more friendly in general and more willing to help. Let me also say, the self-effects from Like A Magnet are amazing! Mrgreen I feel so upbeat, maybe slightly manic, but very cheerful and happy when I'm wearing it. Like all is right with the world. The cops just make me feel hella sexy. Can't be mad at that. Last Friday, I wore Like A Magnet Spicy Brown Sugar to a casual work lunch. Cops at work--I know ... A bunch of us o
  9. I just got my sampler of all of the OCCOs. I already have Red, but my new fave is Pink. It smells just like Cougar after dry down, that pink, sugary grapefruit scent. No cops odor at all. Great stuff!
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