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  1. Hmm...I never thought of it that way! Ha, ha! I want to hear about that!
  2. I wore Mara's Rocket Fuel V3 yesterday to my salsa dance class. We rotate partners, and all of men I danced with lost their concentration, forgot their steps, and thought I was the best partner ever. Even my teacher, who's a tough nut to crack, started to notice me. However, I don't think I'll be wearing this to class anymore. It was way too distracting!
  3. Great! I've been dying to try Mara's Rocket Fuel!
  4. Yes, this does have a nice powdery, floral scent. It smelled strong when I first applied it, but it dried down quickly.
  5. I like this one. It's sweet, but very calming to me.
  6. Honestly, this has a tad bit of an "old lady" smell to me. But I think it would go well with Orchid Rose LAM (if one wanted to mix the two nols) or the purple OCCO.
  7. It smells quite a bit like play dough to me . But the a-nol did make me pretty hyper and put me in a good mood. Haven't tried it out on other people yet.
  8. Can I still order the March 2010 trial size collection?
  9. Pirouette

    Buns of Cinn

    I just got my sample of this, and let me just say, "Yowza!" :banana010: This is much more potent than LP Red to me. Boy, do I feel "cin"ful wearing this. It actually turns me on, and I'm afraid to wear it out in public. I think I'll stick to very specific occasions where wearing this one. Will be getting a regular bottle for sure! :banana010:
  10. I meant as far as liking the scent, not amount of communication. He's already a talker. He just didn't say anything about the fragrance the way he does with Pink Sugar.
  11. I tried OCCO Pink on my TG because it's similar to Pink Sugar, which he loves! I didn't get any verbal reaction to my LAM Pink Amber and OCCO Pink like I would have desired, but he seemed to have a good time dancing with me.
  12. I just ordered a sample of this. Can't wait to try it!
  13. I ordered sampler sets of all of the Like A Magnet and OCCO fragrances. I've gotten some nice hits from this combo. Nothing out of the ordinary. People were more friendly in general and more willing to help. Let me also say, the self-effects from Like A Magnet are amazing! Mrgreen I feel so upbeat, maybe slightly manic, but very cheerful and happy when I'm wearing it. Like all is right with the world. The cops just make me feel hella sexy. Can't be mad at that. Last Friday, I wore Like A Magnet Spicy Brown Sugar to a casual work lunch. Cops at work--I know ... A bunch of us ordered pizzas and we watched the Duke/UVA ACC game in one of the conference rooms. I got a definite DIHL look from one of my colleagues who happens to be married. He also invited me to have Thanksgiving dinner with his family when I was wearing MX274 at that time. The other guy I sat next to was kind of neutral. Or maybe the cops were getting to him, because he seemed to be more restrained than usual. Last Saturday I wore a combo of the Vanilla and Honey Like A Magnet with OCCO Gold. Not crazy about the fragrance, but I wanted to see what kind of reactions I would get. I was in Borders last Saturday and had ordered a chai latte. A man who approached the counter after me gave me a definite look. After we had both picked up our orders, he made a point of handing me a coffee lid. Doesn't sound spectacular, but I think it was something. This past Sunday I wore Pink Amber Like A Magnet with OCCO Pink. Let me just say, I love OCCO Pink. It smells just like Love Potion's Cougar after dry down. I wore it to JCPenney's and the male cashier, in his mid twenties, was very pleasant, and told me to enjoy the nice weather for him with a little catch in his voice. Subtle, but it was there. Then at the last minute, I decided to go salsa dancing. I reupped on the combo (maybe I didn't need to). Saw my TG, and right off the bat he approached me, gave me a , and asked how I was, which was first. He never asks how I am. I usually ask him. We chatted. He hovered pretty close to me for a few minutes before going off dancing. Later on a girl asked him for a cha cha, and he refused, saying he didn't know how. Then I asked him, and he consented. Maybe because I called him out about not knowing how to cha cha when we had danced it twice before. Hmm. He seemed a little distracted. Something tells me he danced just because I asked him, even though he's not entirely comfortable with the cha cha. That's kind of flattering though. Then later we danced a salsa, which is my favorite dance with him. He obviously enjoyed this dance much more and was smiling the whole time. Can't say for sure that I saw any effects from my Like A Magnet/OCCO combo, but he was more into me. He even asked me where I was last Friday when I missed rock climbing. I told him I had a dance performance, and he seemed impressed. More general flirting. I had to leave early. Will try this combo again rock climbing. Maybe throw in a bit of Instant Sexiness/A.
  14. I just got my sampler of all of the OCCOs. I already have Red, but my new fave is Pink. It smells just like Cougar after dry down, that pink, sugary grapefruit scent. No cops odor at all. Great stuff!
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. I really like this forum. You ladies are wild! LOL! Hi, Diane. :banana072: I hope you're doing well. Love the EST I got from you. I gave it a good workout last night (not in the way you might think!). LIterally, I used while indoor rockclimbing. TG, when he was around, was kind and attentive to me.
  16. Hi, I am new to this forum and Love Potion products. You ladies are a hoot! I'm going to have fun here. So far I have purchased BAM, Cougar Potion, and I just ordered LP Red and OCCO Red Shield. I've had good hits from Cougar and added my review to that thread, but haven't really tried out BAM yet. I guess I'm waiting for the right occasion. I got into pheromones about two years ago. I started with the Athena Institute (mild results and very expensive), Androtics (great results), and now I'm here. Overall, I'm impressed with the quality of Love Potions fragrances from the products and samples I have received. Can't wait to start sharing some of my adventures with you all!
  17. I'm not new to pheros, but I am new to Love Potion products. I also have BAM, but I have yet to test it out. I just ordered Love Potion Red and OCCO Red Shield. Yes, I can see this place feeding my addiction already!
  18. Hello, I am new to Love Potion products. I wanted to share my experiences with Cougar Potion, the roll-on. Let me first say, the scent is heavenly. I've never smelled anything like it. I like how the grapefruit scent really mellows and the how the sugar and amber scents come into the forefront. It's almost intoxicating. Does it contain copulins? I think I smell them upon application, but the scent dies downs after about fifteen minutes. I applied about six rolls to each forearm, four to the back of the neck, two to the front of the neck, and two behind the ears. The self-effects were pretty nice. I felt very mildly aroused, effervescent, and very flirtatious. I tried this with a combination of a TAH-heavy phero product along with four sprays of unscented EST on a guy I fancy before a dance class. The first thing he said when I approached him was, "You always smell so good!" with a smile and a chuckle. He is younger than me by six years. I got a lot of attention from him and others during the evening. It was pretty clear he enjoyed talking to me and being around me, almost puppy-like. This is a great product.
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