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  1. I got this with EoW added, and it's an awesome cover for the cops! I can carry it in my purse and slather whenever I want without worrying about the cops smell bleeding through. The buttercream scent is what I get the most when I first apply, but then graham cracker spices kick in and last forever on me! I have people asking me about what I'm wearing hours after I've put this on. Love, love, love this warm yummy scent!
  2. I got the phone call yesterday afternoon offering me the job!!! It's exactly the hours I wanted with nice pay and benefits, too. Thanks so much everyone for all the feedback and ideas. Outfit was a bright colored dress, and my favorite high heels that make me feel like I can conquer the world while looking fantastic. Interviewer complimented me 3 times on my dress! I wore Open Windows sprayed from the top of my head down to my knees. Money Honey on my wrists, since I talk with my hands and knew I'd be shaking hands, etc. And a smidge of Cougar on my neck, just cuz I love it, and it makes me feel great. Interviewer was late and then rescheduled on me. But, I was still in a super mood, very upbeat, words came easily, without being chatty or flighty. Perky, but sincere and geniune. Ahh, I can breathe a sigh of relief, and now go celebrate with some new scents! Thanks again for the help!
  3. I ordered a sample to try out Lace. Lemme tell ya, I'm in love! When I pop off the cap to sniff I get spices and the egg from the eggnog. First thing that comes to mind is French Toast! All wrapped up in warm, fuzzy, comfort!!!! mmmmmm. I made the sample into a spray in a purse size sprayer so it may never leave my side. I spritzed a bit before I walked into my cell phone store, I've been having some trouble and it's getting time to upgrade the phone anyway. I'm barely through the front door and there were 4 reps. all asking to help me, one even a woman. I told them to had to "rock, paper, scissors" for me! The regional mgr was one of them, guess seniority won out. So he shows me the phone I'm interested in, talking up all the great features. Then he tells me about a discount he can get for me on a phone, then how he can also discount my monthly plan, saving me a significant chunk of change every month. He even offered me a job before I left! (I know I've posted about looking for a new job, but I can't do the retail hrs.) The next day he was blowing up my phone texting me about other discounts! I won't go shopping for any services or higher ticket items again, w/o my G&L, or atleast slathered in Lace. Oh, another little funny, though. The last few squirts were in the small sprayer in my bathroom. As I was getting out of the shower, I hear my son crying waking up from his nap. I grabbed my bathrobe, and as I swung it around to put it on, the sleeve knocked the G&L off the counter on to the floor, cracking the bottle, and the last few drops leaked on the floor. Settled down my son, run back to the bathroom. I can not lose any of the precious, so I'm on my hands and knees to swipe my forearm through the small puddle. Oh, stop....you know you'd do the same thing!
  4. Oh, thanks for bringing up very good points! When I said rockstar I meant all things being equal (resume, experience, qualifications) extra charisma and sparkle would help stand out amongst other applicants. But I totally get where that could come on too strong. I don't work in a corporate environment, so that tends to slip my mind. I certainly wouldn't want the pheros to work against me. I'll probably go with open windows, swimming w sharks, and a spritz of my cougar (i can't help it...luv dat stuf)
  5. I completely forgot Swimming w sharks and open windows *duh, smacks forehead*
  6. I'm currently searching for a new job, so I'm thinking what's the best thing to wear on interviews? But you sometimes don't know who you'll be interviewing with: man, woman, panel. I'm trying to figure out the the ultimate rock star mix, not overly sexual, gender neutral concoction. Cougar and G2, and maybe a little leather?
  7. Got my order yesterday....made a *ahem* 30-something woman skip around the house! And thank you ladies for the extras! Captivation Equation wet smells very much the vanilla buttercream as promised with the pie spices in the background. After drying the pie spices and amber really warmup. On me it smells alot like vanilla chai (with marshmallows)...delicious! I haven't had a chance to test out any phero responses yet but will make sure to post as soon I've had a chance to wear it for a few days. Oh, and I love the 60/40 spray! I'm still getting used to perfume oils as opposed to mass-produced commercial alchohol perfumes. This really seems to be the perfect blend for me. The scent lasts so long, but I feel like it really gets the scent "out there". Yet the most amazing bonus of this, it looks beautiful on the skin. I've just started using some self-tanner with spring right around the corner. The slight sheen of the oil on tanned skin is gorgeous. I will be ordering more 60/40's in some summer scents!
  8. Ok, that does help to clarify some.... Thanks again!!!!!!! :sunnysmile:
  9. Beccah said that Cougar Potion was 1/3 strength of unscented, so I'm trying to figure out how to smell like Cougar perfume with full strength Stone Cougar pheros *scratches head*
  10. Thank you ladies! So, if I loved Cougar potion, maybe the phero blend cougar in the perfume cougar would be devine! Is that what some posters refer to as double cougar?
  11. What are the differences in the Cougars? I know there is Cougar Potion, Unscented Cougar, Stone Cougar, PG Cougar...... sheesh! I had a sample of what I'm pretty sure was Cougar Potion and love, love, loved it. So I want to order a full bottle or twelve, and want to make sure I order the right thing. Sorry if this question has been asked and answered before, but the more I search and read the more confused I get. Thanks for the help!
  12. I just got my order yesterday, and had to reach for this one first. I've been so intrigued by everything I've read about this scent! When I first opened, it smelled very spicy and complex. Not vanilla or sweet at all like I've read in other reviews. There was something comforting about it. No real change on my skin for about an hour. Then it seemed to be a bit of a warm floral scent on me. I kept catching whiffs and there was something familiar about it, I just couldn't place. Then it dawned on me, it smells like when you walk in to a Kirkland's or Pier One store. The warm, inviting, spicy scents that makes you want to walk the store for hours hunting down the smell. Can't wait to wear this one out and see how it works on the unsuspecting public!
  13. Wow, I'm overwhelmed....thanks again for the warm welcomes! Great to hear such great things about the scents, however it's making the waiting that much harder! But I also know it'll be worth it and that I'll be back for many, many, more!!!
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