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  1. Yes we both liked that kind of girl. She wore it today as a matter of fact! Legend is pretty good so far. I was somewhat suprised by the smell as it was not what I was expecting. However its growing on me. I am not sure if my wife likes it so much though. She did not compliment it, nor did she say that she did not like it. I will give it time though!
  2. Just wanted to follow up.... My Wife LOVED the perfumes! I really liked Cupidity right off the bat. She put it on right away after sampling all of the samples.... yeah it made me want to just eat her up! Yummy! Gettin' it on never smelled so good LOL! I wanted to thank everyone for their input and warm welcomes here! I will do a review on Legendary soon after I have a few chances to wear it around! I do like the Sweet Revenge. I have a question though, is there a way to figure out the mcg content of the P100 in it?
  3. Ohhhh yessss!!! That will be the perfect line! She will eat that up! So perfectly delightful! It will be a wonderful Valentines Day! I am so excited! Thank you ladies! This is me waiting in anticipation! Lor's journal is very interesting BTW. Its kinda like allowing me to see inside a woman's (or several of them) mind. Its like I can learn women's tricks before she can use them. Lol! Or I can learn from others mistakes and better myself. One of the two. Though I like the first option a bit more. It makes for a great movie idea.
  4. I am all smiles today after reading this I am very intrigued and will be checking out Lor's journal. I am a little nervous though ;p Bodice ripper may be something I will check out. I will let my wife check out her samples first. She may not go for the racy name at first. She is kinda prudish like that lol. I would rather her want some lovely perfume innstead of a 400 dollar purse! At least I am able to enjoy the perfume. I don't get anything from the purses other than a bill! Lol at least we can do this together!
  5. WOW! I never expected so many responses! You Ladies are AWESOME!!!!! Even a response to send me free samples. I feel LOVED only more from my wife! I placed an order for the Monthly Sample. So we shall see what happens. Thank you all for your suggestions! I cannot wait to get my order and I will report back my impressions!
  6. Thanks again Lor. 1 more question. Shipping says 2 weeks Is that accurate? That would put it past Valentines day. Its not a big deal, her birthday is the 22nd so I can use it there. I just need to know if I should get another gift beforehand. Lol
  7. Thank you as well! I imagine she would like floral scents. Like I said she has only worn Tommy Girl since we have known each other which has been 5 years. I may get a sampler pack and a couple individual ones too. How many uses are there in a sample?
  8. Thank you for the welcome. That was a fast response lol. I definitely will stick around! I like reporting on stuff so this will be fun!
  9. Hi! My name is Andrew. I came here because of Snoopyace keeps raving about how awesome and original smelling everything is here. I am also a member at Androtics Direct. I see many names here that I reconize! Since I have discovered pheromones, I fell in love with the sense of smell. I used to smoke, but I reallized what it did to my sense and quit. I really am excited to try new smells out. The other reason I am here is for my wife. Its almost Valentines day, and I want to get her something that she can have her friends be jealous of. Plus maybe it will inspire her to appreciate scents as well. The only perfume I have known her to wear is Tommy Girl. She likes to stand out, so I believe this may be something that will attract her to these love potions! I think I will get Legend for me I use pheromones for business and socially. For the wifey I am not sure. I want something that will hook her right away! Maybe a sample pack I am thinking. I am not sure of which one though. Any recommendations? Thanks guys! Also I cannot wait to make my own mix! I am so excited about that!
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