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  1. This one is in my top three of your pe creations! LOVED IT!
  2. Awe....cute puppy~ LOL This sounds really awesome! I may have to check it out!
  3. I really like this!! It starts out on me all juicy peach, I mean dribble down you chin deliciousness. After about 20-30 minutes the floral kicks in a bit for me, and mellows out the fruity, by about the hour mark all peach is gone and we are down to the end note...the lovely blonde woods, that feel like the breezes are just picking up the light florals. This progresses really nicely to a more mature yet youthful scent. Nice work!
  4. What fun! I look forward to watching them all change!!
  5. Okay that is one of the best review ever! LOL Now I want!!!
  6. Alabaster Queen Sovereigns were the trendsetters in their bygone eras, and Queen Catherine de Medici was one of the most influential, beyond her position as a leading patron of the arts during her reign, as well as the woman who was credited with bringing a greater sense of elegance to a nation already known for its refinement. Catherine was praised for her alabaster skin, the pallor of which she achieved with the aid of a very special potion crafted by her personal perfumer, Rene de Florentin, summoning him to France from Italy when she was in need of his talents. We have recreated this beau
  7. Playing with samples today...found this one. I had not tried it yet... Oh My...This is nice, a very chill yet masculine scent...I think I'd be a blood hound trying to track this one down to snuggle up to. He he he... giving me all sorts of ideas! LOL
  8. I have been on a crazy peach fetish lately...not sure why. Lovers in Clover has become a staple in my wardrobe this spring to the point I have had to order a second bottle.... Anyway I decided to pull this one out this week and test out the peach of it, LOL. I liked it when I first got it, that has turned to love! Yesterday I wore this, and it was a light floral on me, today the peach was a little more prominent. It pretty much stays at a light peachy floral for me and does not graduate or evolve like some do. This one is close to the skin but seems to effect people around me.. Everyo
  9. Couple of those look really interesting to me...I cannot wait for descriptions! LOL LOVE the pic on alabaster queen...I suspect the scent will be as lush and lovely as the lady on the label!
  10. Really? Wow...That cucumber smells really Raspberry on me. LOL I am guessing it is the dandelion that is the vaguely floral/green scent I am getting. Very interesting! Now that I know it is cucumber, no problem getting that. LOL
  11. I am really digging this one..gonna have some choices to make.... I typically order one bottle and the sampler...it is gonna be a fight this month to decide because this is actually going very sensual on me. I am loving it. It has a hint of coconut at first on my skin then blasts off in a darker much closer to the skin woodiness --definitely a move in close type of scent. Oh dear...tough choices this month!
  12. ladybegood1

    Open Sesame

    This one I am looking forward to wearing for intent! As for scent it is a combination of browned and caramelized nuttiness. Every now and then it seems almost maple syrup like but so much lighter then that. It really is hard to describe. It is so very light it is disappearing under some of the others that I am testing right now...I really have to get right up in there to smell this right now.
  13. Oh wow! I just got around to putting this one on! I think this one is full bottle worthy, so very spring. Fresh and uplifting. At first it is all pineapple, but not in a sickly sweet but like fresh juicy and lush tropical pineapple. Eventually the florals come thru and I get hints of coconut. Yeah...this is yummy. Full bottle for sure!!
  14. Yeah! Mee too! I have one of those "feelings" about that one! I cannot wait to order my sampler!
  15. Holy cow! Is it that time already, I did not even have a chance to wait with baited breathe! LOL I cannot wait to read the descriptions! Woot!
  16. No the lotus is different then carnation it is soft but really beautiful. It is one of those scent notes I am fast becoming addicted to! LOL
  17. This one actually makes me think of one of my favorite melodies...
  18. You hit the nail! Dead on! I look forward to wearing it regularly!
  19. NIGHT PHLOX ~ Compatibility, uniting of souls, sweet dreams, marriage proposal. EVENING STOCK ~ Happiness, contentment. LOTUS ~ No man can refuse the woman who wears this; lovers reunited, protection. Symbolizes intellect, mental energies and illumination. Inspiration, clarity, purification. TOBACCO ~ Healing, purification, spiritualism. An ode to the Gods. SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing. CLOVE ~ Money attracting, deflects negative and hostile energies. CASSIA ~ Male sexual stimulation, passion, lust, healing, protection, energy, creativity, psychic powe
  20. This one is definitely foodie on me. Kind of reminds me of a cookie, a mildly spiced butter cookie. There is a creaminess to this one and the cassia comes thru for me. This one is a light scent!
  21. This one is interesting on me. I like it most of the time, LOL Not sure what is doing it, but it smells almost minty/cherry on me. Not super sweet, more any airy scent. Oddly it also reminds me of the childhood smell of play-doh in one of its evolutions. Not a bad memory but not sure it is a scent that conjures the images I want! LOL Even my father commented on it smelling of cherries. I was completely surprised that there was not cherry in it when I went to look at the ingredients.
  22. Ann asked for a perfume version of her favorite tea, Constant Comment, and this one hits the spot...to a T! Crafted of Black Tea, Orange Peel, Clove Bud and Cinnamon Bark Oh PM!!! I love my new PE....Spicy! I have been wanting something with a little zest to it. This one fits the bill! At first it smells EXACTLY like the tea I love on me, all the components playing together...but eventually it starts to dance around. Mostly it seemed to rotate between the Tea/cinnamon....watery, yet a bit of zip with the cinnamon popping in. Then Orange and clove would pair up and alternate with the o
  23. Watching for them all to be ready for order ! WoooHooo~
  24. This one really does smell like lavender on linen on my skin. It does not have the unfortunate tendency that some lavender/herbals do of turning dusty or dirty smelling on me...It does go there every now and then but the linen turns it back to fresh and lite that I hardly notice it happening...Literally took seconds. This one is one of the nicer lavenders I have smelled!
  25. This one smells like a beautiful designer french hand soap. One of those sweet little shaped soaps. I really like this! It is very femme and lite, it smells pink! LOL
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