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  1. let me start off by saying that I hate florals. Passionately. and they hate me just as much. Ahem. Mara, Danna, Ladies...Ive no idea what you did, but I SWEAR by this stuff now. ITS INCREDIBLE!
  2. ThisIsMyLastResort


    Very fresh, very very green, but not in asharp way. Its the smell of fresh cut somethings...alomost watery but with depth. Its really nice right now since I am buried in snow, then drowning in rain here...THATs it...its kinda how everything smells AFTER the rains, but not the heaviness in the air afterwards...very clean.
  3. I dunno...Cougar wasnt right on me...most pheros are awful on me actually, but Allegro....its different. I got this zingy/citrusy/gingery thing going on at first, its very wake me up and get me going type thing. the pheros didnt turn to yuckiness either, so maybe its just the female ones I cant wear. Its nice, but on me it was all citrusy zing. Not bad, but not my thing weither.
  4. my BIB votes go to: Sugared Lemons Pied Piper Potion Blood Martini
  5. I simply cannot wait to try this! im stalking my postman.
  6. My DH has a sample of it...at first application, he said it kinda reminded him of Stetson..... which I beg to differ. Becasue I am not a huge fan of stetson....but I was practically molesting him in the kitchen 15mintues later. Which is why he is NOT ALLOWED to wear it to work! lol
  7. Mine addictions are the LPs and Sugared collections.....mmm mmm goooood.
  8. AaaaaaaaROOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! .....ahem yes, i do!
  9. When are the March new releases being released? My mommy wants to buy me the new set for my birthday on the 29th
  10. Heh.... This is gooood stuff. My man decided he likes it....alot. Its the LP alright but something so deliciously fresha nd earthy (but not like, dirt earthy, more like fresh mountian air earthy) about it that I feel alive when i wear it...still sexy, but young, fresh, alive
  11. ThisIsMyLastResort


    The perfect potion for the celebration of Spring rites, encouraging new beginnings, and to "get you in the mood" for creative endeavors such as all forms of artwork, and most especially, baby making! Celebrate! Have an EGG! Heres what happened.... My fiancee was home when my package full of the new release samples plus a couple really cool ones (thank you!!!!!) came in. He knew that there was in there with his name on it so to speak....he'd been looking forward to testing out the Phero Boy: dominance....he likes the wolf and everything the description said about it. So, he picks it out and waits patiently for me to come home. We begin to go through them, and he logs into the site to read what each description says. He says "Honey? Did you recieve EGG in the package?" After looking for a second i find it and tell him yes, why? He askes to see it and after its in his hands, he puts it into his pocket and zips it up!!! I tell him to give it back and he told me NO WAY. LOL.....he read the bit about fertility and babymaking and freaked...he seems to think 4 kids are enuff. I get pregnant when a member of the oppposite sex looks at me sideways. ;p Ill test it tonight when he falls asleep and report then,
  12. It is very interesting...the second i put it on, I had a very vivid physical memory to it. Like, laughter and cognac. Anyways...I got this strange, heavy slap of bitter orange mixed with amber or something. it reminds of me of something one would find in a cut glass spritzer ball bottle next to the dusting powder and garter belt lying on the vanity. it was really strong at first, then calmed down to a reaaaaly good musky, powdery bittersweet i like.
  13. ewww. fruity cheese? lol i cant wait to try it either...resins and patchoulis work really well on me, so I am looking forward to scenting myself and my veil with ti.
  14. That is a great story! The LP blends, when they get warm...really seem to kick in BIG TIME. The first night I wore it to a local show, the guitar player/singer was at his table, and I walked over and chatted him up, y the end of the night he was buried in my hair saying "Oh my GOD you smell good".....mustve been a great scent memory for him. Hes since stopped playing in the band, settled down to raise our kids hes a good dad.
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