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  1. my BIB votes go to: Sugared Lemons Pied Piper Potion Blood Martini
  2. Heh.... This is gooood stuff. My man decided he likes it....alot. Its the LP alright but something so deliciously fresha nd earthy (but not like, dirt earthy, more like fresh mountian air earthy) about it that I feel alive when i wear it...still sexy, but young, fresh, alive
  3. That is a great story! The LP blends, when they get warm...really seem to kick in BIG TIME. The first night I wore it to a local show, the guitar player/singer was at his table, and I walked over and chatted him up, y the end of the night he was buried in my hair saying "Oh my GOD you smell good".....mustve been a great scent memory for him. Hes since stopped playing in the band, settled down to raise our kids hes a good dad.
  4. I love LP black. Its darker, richer and even though I seem to get more attention from the general male populace when i wear it...i get an even better one from the brooding guitar player of a metal band when i wear this sure theres no pheromones in it???
  5. Its sweet and vanillay in a nice foody way, but Ive also noticed that when I wear it to the bar, ah...men...um...well, they seem to notice me more thats for sure!!!
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