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  1. I did speak with Mara.She was very helpful to me and I am grateful to her for all of her help.She is very generous of her time and takes her time to really listen to her customers.I wish there were more people like her.The world would be a much better place.
  2. I will look it up.It is one that said it is currently available and its in a mix.I think it is Compromising positions.Raq also was interested in that one.Maybe I can ask her if she got hers yet.
  3. I already sent an email and called and left a number at the number listed on the main page contact info.I ordered the Sexoponage one I forgot the name of it but its not a special order and it was paid on April 8th.I also thought one of the posts said as you mentioned that if it wasnt custom that LPMP would send it out.I just checked PP and it still has no tracking info.Thanks so much for your help.
  4. Oh I am so glad you said this it STINKS on me also. Smells like the outhouse on a hot day when I used to visit some of the family down south. It has a urine type smell on me. Could it be the cops?This was from the sample that I diluted ALOT and it still smells bad. I am still loving my LP Red w lace however.
  5. Hi, Was wondering if our potion master is back from vacation yet?I sent an order April 8th via PP and it was completed on that date but I have not received any email like I did with my first order.The first order I got said thank you for your order and it is processing.I didnt get that this time.As I am still fairly new to ordering from LPMP just wanted to make sure everything is ok.I know it says it can take up to 2 weeks I am just wondering if I was supposed to get another email like the one I got the first time?
  6. Thank you I will do that.I am thinking of asking them to give me a credit so I can get something else there and get my cops from you.BTW, you scented pheros are the bomb.I took a sample vail of the Extracurrlar Proclivaties you sent.I thought gee let me add them to my own oil.I only had a 10 ml roll on and I filled it with the sample and tipped my oil into the bottle.Well you guess it I tipped WAY too much filled that bottle up. The funny thing however is it STILL retained it strong scent.I am SOO happy I FINALLY took the plunge and ordered from your site. I enjoy the stronger scents and your are beautiful.
  7. I had posted on another forum about that happening to me but I was able to save that bottle.I thought the sealed one would be fine.I also know there was a man on maybe Pherotruth that reported this also happening to his EOW.I hope LS will work with me on this issue or I will see if I can directly contact Stone Labs.
  8. Alright ladies, I am really upset right now.I have a bottle of EOW that I had set aside NOT the oil one sold here.I had set it aside.Today I went to get it and the rubber stopper had melted off and all of it is gone.The product is still sealed!! Have any of you had this happen?I paid $19.99 for it and its GONE!!!Does the oil product do the same thing?
  9. What I find so interesting about perfumes is how they are unique to each person.I have had many women tell me they can't stand Sensual Amber from B&BW but they love it on me.There are scents they smell wonderful on other women but stink on me.
  10. oh ok thanks for the tip.Hubby would prob kill me if I forgot to take it out of the cart and ordered 100.VBG
  11. Hi Cali, I cant see how many are in stock?Also I may have clicked on the Gift shop instead and then trial sizes then it says click here for more info and I did and that how I got to the page I pasted above.I am using internet Explorer.This confuses me.I keep seeing people posting how they see that there are only so many left but I NEVER see that.Also I noticed that some of the new ladies and even a regular have posted that we have not been able to find items in the search.I know how to use the search function but there are time when I get a message that I am not allowed to use that funtion.Many of the ladies even told me I should simply search and have also told another newbie to do the same in the threads.I really LOVE this forum and the ladies here are really helpful so maybe someone can advice on this issue?BTW, sometimes I CAN use the search and other times I get an error message.If its a browser issue I can switch to another one while on this forum.
  12. Hi Cali, I am going to post the link I hope it works.I had clicked on the MORE info and it took me to the 1/3 oz size. I really want to try this as the scent sounds devine. http://lovepotionper...isingPositions/ Good news the link above will take you directly to that page. : )
  13. I thought being called the "hot one" is a complement? Wouldnt that have meant she thought you were beautiful?When I see a beautiful women or handsom man I have used the term "hot".Is that not a proper term?I would hate to be insulting someone.
  14. The LP/red lace really makes me feel good. A product called Realm which is supposed to only have a tiny amount of Pheros also makes me feel great.There is also a product called Erox that I have worn that makes ME feel wonderful and like the LP/red lace seems to put other in a good mood also.I am getting a more caring vibe from some people re the lp red versus the sexual one that most people seem to be reporting here.Also my spellbound Nasty got me very strong reactions from my husband but there are some people saying its not doing anything for them.I am wondering if it could pos be the scent combo at work on that product?It was the lavender vaniella?Also the Realm smells like honey to me and the LP person on this forum has stated that she has received results from honey scents alone with no pheros. I have received many complements on certian scents like B&BW Sensual Amber,Dark Kiss,and Country Chic.Those 3 scents ALWAYS draw the comps from both sexes but esp men.Then there is Perry Ellis 360 I think it may be Black for women same thing lots of comps on that too.I am still trying to figure out the types of scents I like and from my list I am thinking spicy?I also love Pink sugar so maybe food?Lolita Limpicka is also a fave of mine.Then I have ones I love on OTHER people but on me smell rank as an example Posen smells like bug spray on me as does B&BW Japenesse Cherry Blossom.Based on that info provided what types of scents would I like here?
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