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  1. Oh I am so glad you said this it STINKS on me also. Smells like the outhouse on a hot day when I used to visit some of the family down south. It has a urine type smell on me. Could it be the cops?This was from the sample that I diluted ALOT and it still smells bad. I am still loving my LP Red w lace however.
  2. What I find so interesting about perfumes is how they are unique to each person.I have had many women tell me they can't stand Sensual Amber from B&BW but they love it on me.There are scents they smell wonderful on other women but stink on me.
  3. The LP/red lace really makes me feel good. A product called Realm which is supposed to only have a tiny amount of Pheros also makes me feel great.There is also a product called Erox that I have worn that makes ME feel wonderful and like the LP/red lace seems to put other in a good mood also.I am getting a more caring vibe from some people re the lp red versus the sexual one that most people seem to be reporting here.Also my spellbound Nasty got me very strong reactions from my husband but there are some people saying its not doing anything for them.I am wondering if it could pos be the scent c
  4. I read somewhere that when you are smelling a lot of perfumes that if you have coffee grounds to smell them after you sniff each perfume and thats supposed to help.
  5. I tried Love potion and my self effects were awesom.I FELT BEAUTIFUL.I looked at my reflection and LOOKED beautiful.I went out to exercise and the young college men were all yelling over to me that I looked beautiful and how cute etc.Mind you I was walking with my neighbors daughter only 11 and they were still calling out to me.It was a breezy day.I had on the LP/red lace combo.They were about a roads distance from me so I really think it had to be my self effects.I had the oil on.Great stuff esp for the self effects.
  6. Duh I am so not up to level on this stuff. VBG
  7. Cool forgot what does SLF mean?Also Halo what types of scents do you like that contain pheromones?There are so many here.
  8. What does it mean when someone says a scent is very dirty?I know, forgive me just starting out on my LP adventure.
  9. Mara, I have a question and have no clue as where to post it. I wanted to know how shipping works regarding your scents of the month.For example I ordered LP red/lace. It says April.Does this mean it wont be shipped till that month?Also it states it can take up to 3 weeks to get an order.Does that mean my order will arrive the 3 rd week of April?On another note re your shipping cost.... Is there any way for a customer to pay for a product they want and have you hold it if they are considering adding another product that same month?I was thinking that maybe that would help you with the cost
  10. Ok I want to know what page my sample would be on the 2 that you can get for placing a 25.00 or more order but first can you guide me to the samples link?Also how does one add the free product from the B2G1?Sorry,I know I sound dumb here its just this site is really large.
  11. Are there pheromones in LP red?Also what about the product sexology?i think the sexlogy or maybe the Rocket fuel was marked as "over the top".Does that mean its stronger? I already have some pheromone products at home but have never tried love potions.Also how long would the sample vails last?
  12. Thanks for the info ladies.Now Mara I want to put the hubby over the top if ya know what I mean VBG Do you have this product boosted with BI or anything else?I already have some stand alone phermones at home that I could use with this I guess.Also how do we go about getting samples that the ladies are always reading about?I dont know where to start.
  13. Ladies does this scent really drive men wild?I want to try it on my hubby.Is there anyway to get this in the org not tamed down version?Also many of you are saying you had BI or other things added to it?How do you do that?I thought this product was supposed to be strong on its own?
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