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  1. Hope you love it here, the people are wonderful and well the products speak for themselves
  2. azaezl

    Hi everyone

    Quite a few didn't work on me, they either turn horrible on me or disappear after a minute or so, the only scents I've found that last on me are smokey kisses, fallen angel, eternal chain & loriens blueberry bomb, so far pheros do nothing for me / on me either. Thank you
  3. The new scents sound fantastic! I can't wait to get a sampler set to cheer me up, been having a really bad time lately so this month is going to be a real treat!
  4. azaezl

    Hi everyone

    Got my massive order Lots of new favourites but there are a lot that I don't like or don't work on me including Oidhche Shamhna which is absolutely delicious but my skin just eats it and the scent is gone in about 2 minutes So expect a nice big post of goodies for sale from me!
  5. azaezl

    Hi everyone

    Yeah Ellie my love of LP has become an absolute obsession, I've already placed another order, I couldn't wait for the group order as I really wanted the toasted coconut donut and MRF(I'll probably end up buying one or two more in the group order though lol). I'm going to be overun with LP, I have the last group order to come, the order I made myself and a few others I've bought, I think I'm due about 18 new bottles and about 70 samples ..so erm yeah, little bit of a problem I'm so excited to be getting my huge parcel Iss, I just need to figure out where to put them all
  6. Well I had to get it, I promised myself I would only buy a sample set and maybe one or two bottles, one of which had to be MRF and there was no doubt as to which the other was going to be, yours sounds amazing and I can't wait to get it. Now I just need to sell everything I have so I can buy a bottle of all the others My birthday isn't until August 31st so I can't use that as my reason to spend spend spend, my OH is buying me a couple of bottles but I've told him to wait until next month incase something even more amazing is released.
  7. I've been very good and only made a small order today; Monthly sampler Mara's RF with pheros Invidiana's Toasted Coconut Donut Free samples - Touch of Ebil, lusty licious or Mielihyvä & ? I can't remember I wanted a bottle of everything but I can't afford it, hopefully May's Dessert Dream, Kovvy's Limeindacoconut & Michelle's Cop a Pear will still be around in a few weeks.
  8. Oh no! I was hoping this month would be filled with things that wouldn't really tempt me, but I want everything, I must control myself though, just 1 or 2 bottles this month and a load of samples.
  9. This is one of the most beautiful scents I've ever smelt, it's just perfect to me, it has just the right amount of orange, not overly citrus to me, just a nice soft orange scent with a sort of vanilla biscuit smell. I don't know if you get them over there but we used to have a biscuit in the UK called club and they did an orange flavour well it smelt like that to me, biscuit with a lovely orange smothering. It's such a shame it's sold out, I only got a sniffy of it, can you ask for a specific PE to be re-made?
  10. I'll try loading it on like you suggested Dolly, maybe I'm not putting enough on. I'll have to save up for my next order and try an alcohol spray, hopefully it will do the trick, but what strength would you recommend 1x, 2x or 3x?. Tyvey - I haven't tried all of them in public, particularly the more sexual ones, so it could just be that my OH doesn't react to them. Most of them aren't full bottles just samples but I put a lot on, I tried just a few dabs then I kept increasing until I was using 1/3 of a sample bottle, I probably will be trading most of my samples as my bottle collection grows. Starlight - I didn't realise the scented ones weren't as strong, I'll have to try slapping on alot more of them and I'll use a lot of OW next time I'm going to be around people. Thank you everyone for all your advice, I'll let you know how I get on
  11. Awww that's a shame rosebud it really is an amazing scent, I have given it 5 out of 5 on my rating chart(am I the only one who has one? ) I definately agree with tyvey's description it's got a very strong initial kick of vanilla frosting and just a hint of rose but dries down to more of an even scent but the frosting just being slightly stronger, it's a lovely soft and comforting scent!
  12. azaezl

    Hi everyone

    Oh it's on my list, well most things are but it's near the top and I almost ordered it along with Tahitian Temptress & Beccah's Boy Bait but I had to stop or I'll be broke beyond belief. It's a total addiction now I keep telling myself to just get 1 or 2 bottles and get some more next time but I NEED them all NOW Just wait until August, I will have relatives asking what they can get me *does evil laugh* why it can't be anything but the precious *strokes bottles in gollum like fashion*
  13. azaezl

    Hi everyone

    Ok so my final list(unless I manage to sell a kidney or something) Full size bottles; Smokey Kisses Chiniqua's Chocolate Covered Cherries Liberty Belle Fallen Angel Lorien's Blueberry Bomb Last Breath of Summer Eternal chain Samples; Unisexy Pie in the Sky Dangerous Games Love Salad Body Paint Constant Cravings I desperately wanted Tyvey's blood orange ylang but it's sold out
  14. I'm going to keep trying with the pheros, I've found a scent that has staying power on me and that's fallen angel, I put a tiny amount on and when my OH came home from walking the dog he said it was very overpowering. Then fast forward 4 hours later on the way to the playpark with our little girl and he said it still smelt very strong on me Thank you all for the tips, I had read the stickies and other tips on how to apply ,I was a bit nervous about applying too much so I was just sweeping once, from my navel up and around my cleavage, my neck(front and back) and my arms, I'm going to try adding more see if that makes a difference. I didn't consider the beta sprays as alcohol just doesn't work on me, I've got alot of perfume from a company called enchanted and the roll on oils are fine for me but the alcohol sprays just react badly with my skin and make the scent change into something I don't like, again it doesn't last very long on me either. I wasn't too bothered about the pheros working on other people other then from a social viewpoint, I don't have any friends around here and I think people are a bit wary of me because of how I look i.e not like any of them so I was hoping something like open windows might help make me seem more approachable if that makes sense? The sex/lust pheros I've tried I was hoping to have a bit of fun with the OH but he doesn't react to any of them. This is what I've tried so far and got no effects from; Romance in bloom w/ blatant invitation Open windows Cuddle bunny Cougar Phero girl Beth's blushing milkmaid Mara's rocket fuel Occo red Eternal chain Happy ending Garland & lace Magnet pink amber The only one that may have worked is focus pocus, I put some on before I did a big load of university work and I got it all done without the usual stress and panic that I'm not going to get it finished but that was only once and I've worn it since and not had a similar effect. Even if none of the pheros work on me it doesn't matter there are sooo many yummy scents it doesn't matter if it does anything other then have me go MMMMMM I smell fantastic! lol
  15. Am I the only one that pheros have no effect on? either on yourself or those around you? I haven't had any kind of effects from any of the pheros. My OH doesn't react to them either other then saying I smell nice or 'ewww what's that smell' (this applies to any scents not just pheros or LPMP). I've read so many reviews on here of experiences people have had and I'm wondering if pheros just don't work on me, I've worn them in public places, like shopping, picking my daughter up from school and also days like today when I visited my mother in law at her office where it's a more enclosed space and again no reaction from anybody, not even a 'oh you smell nice'. Also do the scents last long on you all, like can you still smell it on yourself after a few hours, after 30 mins I get a faint whiff of scent and after an hour I can't smell anything unless I put my wrist to my nose and really huff and then it's only very faint. I'm thinking maybe my skin just can't hold scent and that's why I'm getting no reaction, the only scents so far that have a bit of staying power on me are LP red and smokey kisses.
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