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  1. I am in Canada... it took them 2 days to ship my last order!
  2. Hi.. I am thinking of amping my own LP scent... But I have not tried enough samples to find out which one I'd like... I like scents like Just a little naughty(Naughty but Nice)... Bloomin' Naughty... The Promise... and OCCO Blue (I've only tried OCCO blue and purple and I prefer blue out of the two) Neanderlicious is a little too rich for my taste... What LP would you guys suggest me?
  3. oh thanks... i guess i was lucky... my last order was processed VERY promptly... i'll be more patient.. lol
  4. but I have yet to receive a notification of my shipment being shipped out? I'm wondering what is taking so long?
  5. I think the beta LP sprays have the same amount of pheros as unscented (1000mcg)
  6. Can you tell me the difference between androstenone and androstanone? is it the same thing? thanks =)
  7. Thanks for the clarification! That really helps... I'm deciding whether I should order Naughty But Nice (love this kind of floral scent... also love The Promise) or find a similar scent and boost with BI... I guess I'll just stick with Naughty But Nice since I love the scent and more pheros doesn't mean more effective
  8. It says on the site there's 1ml of pheros to 9ml of fragrance in a phero boosted perfume.. so how much pheros is in a phero enhanced blend? I guess I'm asking, whether or not we get the same amount of pheromones in the UNscented version vs. in the phero boosted perfume...
  9. Hi, Do you get more pheromones in a pheromone enhanced perfume like Naughty But Nice? or from boosting your own perfume? I really like the scent of Naught But Nice and the effects of BI? but will I get more pheromones from boosting my own scent?
  10. Hi, Can anyone tell me their experience with Soulmate? On the description it is said to contain the following: androstanone, epiandrosterone, alpha-androstenol, androstanone, androstenone, beta-androstadienol, dehydroepiandrosterone sodium sulfate How come androstanone is listed two times? and what is the difference between androstanone and androstenone? Thanks guys!
  11. Whats your favorite OCCO for the summer? I'm thinking of getting Red, Pink, Blue...
  12. I read that Blue resembles cuddlebunny... does cuddlebunny smell anything like baby powder? because I can't take powdery scents!
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