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  1. I'd love some more Masked Man, Katerina Suit and BAM Buttercream peach too!
  2. Dear Mara my fabulous box of treasures arrived in the week. Full bottle set of the ladies Phero month, my er, Christmas treat to myself. They are all perfect and in perfect condition. Your creations never fail to delight. Thank you so very much and extra love and thanks for your wonderfully generous gift!
  3. Moved in our Island home at last. Still unpacking boxes but mum had put my LP parcels in the house ready for me. Really feels like home now! Thank you Mara and the LP elves. Everything was perfect as always Xxxxxx
  4. He he he. Thank you for all the comments. He's a good'un and I love him to bits. Although I have told him I'd trade him in for the right number of LP bottles! Charlie is a massive ray of sunshine in all our lives. He is such a funny pooch. He has really helped everyone cope with losing my brother. The hubbs and I are finally moving back home in a weeks time after 7 years away. We'll get to see CharlieChoo everyday! Everyone on the labels are gorgeous, unfortunately I no longer look as Daisy fresh with a good few years (and pounds) on that picture. But the hubbs picture is from a couple of weeks ago.
  5. Ha! That's my late brother's golden doodle Charlie, having a wee kip on the hubbs, who was also asleep and didn't know I'd taken the picture! I showed him yesterday and he just said "Oh no. Look at my huge belly!" Silly sausage.
  6. Hey HappyGoSkilly, to the question: "which would you rather smell on an attractive man, Northpole or Excalibur?" The answer is and could only ever be...Voracious (aka Lady Kryptonite), seriously, get some!
  7. Thank you Rose Blackthorn and Blackcat : ) all the labels are so fabulous it makes me want to get one of each! It is such a fantastic personal touch - I love them all.
  8. Thank you Mara! ❤️ I love my label and I am very excited about the scent of Sugared Daisy. I'm so very pleased to be a part of this beautiful collection. Right - I must finalise my choices...
  9. You're so wonderful Mara! I've been drooling over the Sugared collection for days trying to pin down exactly which 10 I want and telling myself I can't possibly order again so soon, or can I? The extra time would be great for me too, not that you have to explain yourself as you do more than enough for us LP addicts as it is xx
  10. Very excited about the upcoming sale. Currently planning budgets and familiarising myself with the latest releases as I have been out of the game for so long. Not that I've gone a single day without wearing LP perfumes though - that would be unthinkable!
  11. Hey ladies - looks like the perfect time to finally log back in properly. Can't wait for the sale! x
  12. I've just received my wonderful LP parcel of goodness and I wanted to say a massive thank you to the lovely Mara and all the LP elves for not just a pristinely perfect package (as per usual) and for refunding some of my postage, (unexpected but really appreciated), but also for my gift bottle of Marigold & Amaranth. It was incredibly thoughtful and really is just what I need right now. Thank you so much for your kindness. Xxxxxxxxx
  13. Oh noes! Had no idea these bad boys were all selling like hot cakes I haven't even tried all my samples yet. Each one I've tried so far I have just loved. Eeeeeeek.
  14. My wonderful parcel full to the brim with LP goodness arrived! Everything was in perfect condition as always and I LOVE all of them. Thrilled to bits with my sale bargains and amazing freebies and loving every one of the new releases I try thank you so much. Xxxx
  15. All the labels look really great. Lovely to see the beautiful pets. Will have to go for a monthly sampler set me thinks. So much to choose from! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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