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  1. Greetings from one man to another, Jaycee. This forum has a charm all its own thanks to the ladies. Some discussions can make your ears - or eyes - burn if you're male, but there's none of the chest-beating, testosterone-fuelled shenanigans around here and that makes a refreshing change. It feels like a place you can sit back with a coffee and a smile, reading the womens' adventures - not come in wearing armour plating for a jousting match.


    It helps if you've worked with or been around a large group of women in real life too. You know where they're coming from.



  2. Heh, and to think I almost called myself 'Fenrir', but the name 'Lobo' suits my motives better. 


    I might not have a Swedish grandmother, but all of us can claim Sumerian ancestry. Their mythology is my favourite, being the recognisable prototype of most of the human religions and myths that followed in its footsteps. Have you ever read the Sumerian account of the Flood, and then read the story of the Flood that most of us are familiar with in Western society? They're almost identical.


    It really makes me laugh when Science discovered what the Sumerians knew millennia ago - the 'Seven Daughters of Eve', our mitochondrial genetic lineage stretching all the way back to the first matriarchs in Africa. It's all there in the ancient Sumerian records - the creation of seven female humans, the mothers of the human race. 


    I've always wanted to go to Stonehenge with an array of technical gadgetry for the Summer solstice. The stones allegedly 'sing' when the sun rises on that day - they release a burst of energy detectable with modern technology. If I remember right, I read about it in Lyall Watson's Supernature book.


    Supernature is a fascinating book, by the way. If you haven't read it, you'll like it.




    Hey, another Ancient Mythologies buff! Welcome Lobo. I've been reading Mythology since I was nine & my Swedish Grandma gave me a book of Norse Myths from her collection. I love Norse (Freya is one of my guardian Goddesses, and I Love the way Thor rolls!), Greek, Hindu (Ganesha is another favorite of mine. How couldn't use an obstacle removed every now & then), Egyptian, Celtic, Roman, Native American, & even some Chinese mythology. In 5th grade, my daughter had to do a project on a Greek God or Goddess & she chose Artemis. She was going to walk to the library for reference material & I said "No, come with me." we went to my bookcase & I piled like 8 different books into her arms. When she picked her jaw up off the floor, she looked at me & said "You are so weird!" She got an A+ though.....


    Oh year, and my fantasy is to someday do a Mythology tour of the world. Karnac, The Parthenon, Stonehenge, Newgrange, The Hindu & S.E.Asia temples. You get the point.

  3. What, so a guy can't have a secret identity?  :) Ail's a familiar face and she's now an admin and LP UNscented pheromone blend formulator! *Gulp* Lor, a legend around these parts, good to see you too.


    Some of the ladies here and elsewhere are pheromone veterans that even a king wolf respects and admires. Carrie welcomed me when I was just a mewling wolf cub starting out on another forum a long time ago now. Ail joined not long before I did. Those who know me, know me well and it will take more than a change of nickname to throw them off. I see I'm not the only one. A few familiar 'voices' around here.


    The change also reflects a change in my personal philosophy. A tale for the journal here perhaps or maybe it’s a little too personal to entertain the Internet with, even if the journals are shielded from the prying eyes of Google’s henchbots.



    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a new job to get settled into. I hope to be making an order soon when the bank account allows it. I can't wait!






    And here was I thinking it was ONLY so that no-one would realise you're in fact ********* - the username you go by in SEVERAL other forums..


    Guess WE should INDEED feel honoured..




    Ail )O(



    Ok, now you ladies have put up a big NEON curiosity sign above Lobo's welcome one! The mysterious Mr. ------- ! If Ail bids you such a warm welcome, then surely it's well-deserved! What-ho Lobo~! Welcome aboard!
  4. So no-one has read 'Wild Animals I Have Known' by Ernest Thompson Seton? The story is out of copyright now I think. You can find it on the internet. 


    King Lobo, the leader of a pack of wolves that ruled Currumpaw, a vast cattle range in northern New Mexico in the late 19th century. His name struck fear into the hearts of every rancher and shepherd because he was a wolf of great cunning and skill. He laughed at every trap, scorned all poisons and evaded every hunter.


    His one weakness was his mate, Blanca, a strikingly beautiful white wolf. The author trapped and killed her. Lobo found her trail, cried and howled the whole night through, and came looking for her body. He abandoned all caution and walked into a series of traps. He put up little resistance when found and died soon after. Touched by Lobo's love, loyalty and deep affection for his mate, the ranchers placed his body next to Blanca's remains.


    I remember reading it as a child and crying when Blanca was killed. It's the one story I can remember word for word even now, 25 years after I first read it. Whenever I get suited up, I meditate on Lobo until I can feel his pack behind me and with the King wolf behind my eyes, I can rule every interview or meeting. I feel like I can take on anything and anyone. One wolf isn't there though. I'm still looking for 'Blanca'.


    Do you know why I've chosen the name now?




    You didn't happen to name yourself for that early 1990's movie with Steve Gutenburg playing Lobo Marunga did you? LOL



    Welcome Lobo!


    Hmmm, I thought the name was from the DC Comics character. Well, now we have to know. Do tell!

  5. Many thanks for the warm welcome, ladies.


    Please let us know what you think of the ones you try!


    I have heard rave reviews for the Woodland Man.


    I will, I promise. I'm not new to pheromones and I've had some good results with others. In a few days, I'll be starting a new job where the ratio of men to women is similar to this forum. Plenty of frisky nurses and some sexy doctors to chase. One of the best hits I got was when I took a friend to hospital. The female doctor and the nurse who attended to him were very friendly - to me. Time will tell if you've helped create a demon. :) Can't wait to test LP's stuff on them and chase them up and down the wards.



    I just luurrrvvve the bananas. LOL!


    Welcome Lobo!


    My man's newest addiction scent-wise is Bodice Ripper.....it is drop-dead sexy.....make SURE you get a sample of that.


    Bodice Ripper. I'll have fun with that one. *cough*



    Be sure to pop in and chat with us from time to time!!


    Absolutely. Waiting for the bank account to go back to normal before I place an order, so I might be quietly reading for a while. Looking forward to prowling up and down waiting for the parcel to arrive and pouncing on it.



    Yay another manly man! Welcome Lobo!!!


    Well, thankyou, Beautiful. 



    As for charming the most nervous of pets, my vampire parrot Lestat might be able to give you a run for your money. :)


    You can keep your bloodthirsty parrot, thanks. LOL!


    Oh and of course scent advice--Bodice Ripper is my favorite men's scent here so far, it's just so dark and sexy!


    It's moving up my list. It's so long already!



  6. Crumbs, so much to read here. Hello ladies and any guys that might be here. I've listened to Bella and others rave about Love Potions so I'm dropping in. I feel I'm missing out.


    I'm Lobo and it seems I've entered the land of addicts, LOL! Commercial scents just don't appeal to me now and I'm looking for something different. What really pulled me in was the description of all the pheromone mixes, the scents and the female-dominated forum. The atmosphere here is a refreshing change from the testosterone-charged chest-beating I sometimes find on other forums.


    I'm a bit of a renegade free thinker. I love Science, but I'm well aware that it does not and cannot give all the answers. I'm really into ancient mythologies: Sumerian, Greek, Norse, Egyptian... you name it, I've read up on it. Cats and dogs adore me and I can charm even the most nervous of pets.


    Why am I here? I'm looking for 'Blanca'. I'm not looking for someone to spend my life with yet, but I've been a lone wolf for too long. I'm willing to cast the net far and wide to find her. Hunt her down even if she's at the other end of the country, heh. But I'm not averse to something like 'Miss Right... Now' for those catch-and-release moments.


    I'd like something that will help to pull them in quick and hold them there, as life is very fast-paced around here. Personal connections are quickly made and just as quickly broken. No-one stops to smell the uh... pheromones any more. If you magickal ladies have something strong enough to get around that little problem, I'll be impressed.


    I love the idea of a sample pack for men. This almost certainly will be my first purchase. Any other suggestions? I'll be reading up in the forums for a while. Wish me luck. I'll be going in soon.



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