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  1. I've been out of the loop for awhile but some of these sound to good to pass up (even just based on the names). And the Summer Solstice LP for men sounds like it would be great on my husband. Now I just have to go figure out what else I need to try from the past couple of months.003-[Drooling]-[EmoticonKing.com].gif



    And tyvey's version of voodoo fondue sounds absolutely wonderful!

  2. I had placed an order for a few April samples and some others I wanted to try. Then spent a few days pouring over the sales list and trying to talk myself out of getting bottles of scents I had just ordered samples of--or had samples of coming from some nice ladies at the trading post. I did a pretty good job of talking myself down-it was hard though :)

  3. I love this place! You guys CRACK ME UP!


    My husband doesn't seem to react to cops what-so-ever. But then again I haven't tested "a raging assload" either. LOL No--I think he's just too young and ...um...spunky still. :)


    I haven't really got to test any other pheros on him yet, and I haven't tested anything out in public.

  4. Clicked the link-and even though I knew it was coming-I still snorted all over the screen. Crack me up! I had to read all about of course--and watch the smaller video--that guy is SUPER CREEPY when he sniffs the back of his hand. Thanks Luna--I think.... :aola:

  5. First off--I have to try this. Like Yesterday. :019-[Drooling]-[EmoticonKing.co <--impatient monkey

    Second-LMAO! to everything ;) <--this amuses me too

    Third- Luna you have so many good quotes I don't know where to start. The last post is the icing on the cake though. :UkkiBannana:

    Fourth--What's up with the Vulva Mara mentioned? (let a newb in on the joke please :)

  6. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm very, very new to Love Potions but excited to try them out. I'm sure I'll have a thousand questions! so prepare yourselves. I'm spoodlum on several other perfume comms/forums so you may recognize me from them. This place seems lovely and I can't wait to try bunches and bunches of scents!


    FYI Spoodlum is my husband's dog's name. I got stuck for a user name one night for the first perfume forum I signed up for and now it's my smelly name.

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