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  1. I was a huge fan of the original Sorcerer, as you can see from my posts in that thread. These reviews have convinced me that I will have to buy a bottle of V2. I may even buy two just in case. The amazing part about the original was that even though it was my go-to phero for a long time (in fact, I used it just last week), I still have around half a bottle left.
  2. My Uncle (who I give Pheromones to sometimes) comes in and sees the sample of Dad with a special note for my Dad attached to it and asks if he can have it. I told him it was clearly for my Dad. He confessed he liked the scent and he wants to buy some the next time I order from Love Potion.
  3. I gave My Dad a sample of DAD for one of his Father’s Day gifts and when he tried it on he said, “It smells like a barbershop.” (In a good way)
  4. Teddy Man 2 Went to work and one of my coworkers (DC) says, "Ahhh, it smells really good in here, like pine" I went upstairs and a new girl was working in our section (I work at a college bookstore) and she began following me around and asking me random questions. I did notice that twice she tried to tell me what to do. Both times I refused. And after that she continued to follow me around. Later on I went to lunch and brought some food. On her break she went out and got the same exact thing and she looked over at me while she was eating and said "wow this is good but you're intense" The rest of the day (until I left) was filled with her asking me random questions/making comments and following me around Time: 6 hours
  5. Teddy Man 2 Went in to work. TI comes up behind me and says, "Wow you smell amazing like a Christmas tree. What are you wearing?" I gave her a confused look as to say "what are you talking about". And she responds "no, really you do! You smell really good!" I just smiled at her and went back to work. When I came back into the main section I bent down to get something off of a step and she stood over me just sniffing, she had to back up so that I could stand up. Later on when she was given a project she asked the manager if I could be put on her team to help her. Also at the end of the day she asked me to come over and help her again saying "Come over here, you smell like Christmas trees, stay." Reapplied After work I went to class and I asked the people in my class what I missed and a girl brought her laptop over and showed me what I missed. After class she came up and introduced herself (RE) and asked "What was that book you mentioned in class, I think that's really interesting can you tell me more about it." We talked about it for a bit and then I told her I had to catch my train but that I would see her next class.
  6. 1.5" sorcerer to each side of chin My roommate’s sister came over today. She is our age (20). I sat down on opposite end of the couch from her and focused on the TV. I could see in my peripherals that she had lifted her legs onto the couch and turned her body towards me and was flipping her hair. After about 5 minutes of this I turned over towards her and introduced myself (it was my first time meeting her) we started talking and we had a lot in common and we were having a great conversation. My roommate asked us to join a game some other people were playing in my apartment but we both told him we would join later. We kept talking and she was laughing at everything I said and playing with her hair. After a while I told her I was going to join the game so I got up and went to the table. She sat on the couch for about 4 minutes and then came over. We had a lot of fun playing the game and after the game we talked some more and then I went to bed. Time: 4 hours
  7. I had on: 2" of Sorcerer on each side of jaw (smeared in with the tops of my hands) 3 dabs of Mapacho I went to the mini store to get some gum and lotto. The woman who rung me up usually doesn't pay attention to anything (just does her job and punches in numbers) came around the counter and stood next to me. She then asked me what I wanted. SO I told her and then she went back around the counter and asked me again. Then she put the numbers in. After she finished she began talking really slow. She said"....here's ....your ...paper....here's....your money... and ....here’s your ticket.....and.....goood....luck. All while looking at me with her hand outstretched. She's never acted like this before. I then went to the drugstore and was reading a magazine some girl came up and squeezed past me and smiled and then stood next to me for about 2 minutes looking at magazines then grabbed one with out looking in it and left. Then some girl who works there squeezed past me and I heard her say to her other coworker when she got out of the isle " Something smells so freaking good" and the other responded" I know" On my way out I saw them and smiled. But they looked down at the ground when I smiled at them. Period 30 minutes.
  8. Thank You for the warm welcome and the information
  9. 2" of Sorcerer on each side of chin I wore this to class once(computer lab) and the girl sitting across from me was staring at me the whole time and when it was her turn to go up she came up to me and leaned over me and told me that she needed to see something on my computer. I asked, "What" (because we all had the same exact screen showing on our computers) and the girl in my group tells me to "stop being a smartass" and the other girl then gives the ambiguous answer of "right there." (My clicker was pointing a blank space on the screen). Then she walked up and gave her presentation. Before we left class she told me "You're always so chill." ...I hardly ever see her around University so it was interesting meeting her this way P.S. How do you start I thread? There are some products that I really like and I want to start threads for them.
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