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  1. Teddy Man 2 Went to work and one of my coworkers (DC) says, "Ahhh, it smells really good in here, like pine" I went upstairs and a new girl was working in our section (I work at a college bookstore) and she began following me around and asking me random questions. I did notice that twice she tried to tell me what to do. Both times I refused. And after that she continued to follow me around. Later on I went to lunch and brought some food. On her break she went out and got the same exact thing and she looked over at me while she was eating and said "wow
  2. Teddy Man 2 Went in to work. TI comes up behind me and says, "Wow you smell amazing like a Christmas tree. What are you wearing?" I gave her a confused look as to say "what are you talking about". And she responds "no, really you do! You smell really good!" I just smiled at her and went back to work. When I came back into the main section I bent down to get something off of a step and she stood over me just sniffing, she had to back up so that I could stand up. Later on when she was given a project she asked the manager if I could be put on her team to help her. Also at the end of the d
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