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  1. LuSiVe

    Hi everyone

    This is becoming quite an addiction - had the sample pack last month and think I'm going to get this months's too. Having trouble keeping straight what I like straight away and what stays around on me though - short of writing on my arm I can't remember which is sampled where... Think I'm going to have to make a spreadsheet too, and try one smell a day and see if I can correlate the ingredients of those I like a bit more systematically!
  2. LuSiVe

    Hi everyone

    Yay (to the sale, not the them smelling bad on you!)
  3. LuSiVe

    Hi everyone

    Oh wow Azaezl, that sounds like a fab order! I think you're becoming as addicted as Sarah (if not more). I think I'll have to make do with the monthly sample collection this month as I've made another Enchanted order and I can see myself overdoing it on the new (and old) Lush perfumes too
  4. LuSiVe

    Hi everyone

    I'm getting a bottle of Midnght Cravings and a sample of Native Soil, plus another couple of samples I haven't decided on ... I am finding that Enchanted is also a slippery slope!
  5. LuSiVe

    Hi everyone

    Hi, I'm a newbie here too and also have ordered some samples through Sarah in the same group order as Azaezl and Ellie! Postie didn't deliver my parcel today so still waiting. Looking for suggestions for things to order next time though ... not so keen on pink and foodie smells, I like spicy and nature smells better (herbs, spices, air/sea-type smells), so if anyone's got any recommendations I'll order more!
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