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  1. Yay, replies Yes Ellie, as I believe so are you! xx I got as my first order: Captivation Equation Happy Ending 7 Minutes to ~Midnight That Kind of Girl Body Paint To Soothe a Broken Heart Hotness Personified Phero Girl Cougar Wooing and Wapture Heart of Kapet Le Sommiel Des Anges Phew! I like them all to sniff but love Captivation so far. I will have to come back with specifics when I have triend them on! Usually I like foody, sweet, musky scents. I hate patchouli, it sticks to my skin and makes me feel ill, but having said that, it is in Wooing isn't it? It is really subtle and I can't smell it on my skin like with hippy patchouli scents! Thanks for the lovely welcome!
  2. Hello all! I have just received my first order and I'm loving everything at first sniff! Just in the process of trying them 'on'
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