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  1. As crazy as it sounds, this is another one that I'd like to try out! I wish there were more men who test the women's phero-blends on here.
  2. I don't see the ingredients listed. Any idea what might be in it? Even though it's for women I'm interested in trying it out. lol.
  3. In my experience, men can wear just about any pheromone or combination, but we do have to watch the ratios and dosing. I've worn EST-based mixes before and I like them, but I prefer a DPG base which is why I'm looking at SS4W. I'm also hoping to try Popularity Potion because it looks very interesting. I really like the unscented DPG option here.
  4. I'm looking to attract women. The ingredients in SSFW are all ones that I'm interested in trying anyway. I have SSFM in the 1x spray.
  5. I'm interested in trying SSFW in the unscented oil because I think the list of ingredients looks very interesting. "Ingredients: Estratetraenol, alpha-androstenol, dehydroepiandrosterone sodium sulfate (DHEA), tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone, androstanone." What would happen if a man wears SSFW?
  6. I'm thinking about getting SWS when I order again. Have any men tested SWS at work that you know of?
  7. I agree with Tyvey 100% on this one. In the bottle it smells very sweet, almost like glazed donuts. As soon as it hits my skin it turns to pine. (Really, before I could get the little plunger thingy back into the sample vial I was smelling pine.) Christmas Tree would be a better description. I like the scent. It seems to be in the same style as old-fashioned Polo Green without trying to be a complete match. I like old Polo green, but I'd never wear it just because it's so well known. I wouldn't wear TM2 outside the house. It's a comfort blend best suited for hanging out on the couch
  8. I like the description on this one too. I think I'll get it in oil and try it at work.
  9. Well that interesting. I'll try it again soon.
  10. I tried this on last night. After about an hour on my skin it turns to maple. A little too sweet for me. I'll try it again after the weather changes...
  11. My favorite mainstream cologne is Abercrombie & Fitch Woods. It has deep spices mixed with the woods. I've been looking for a replacement for it since it is out of production now. Nothing I've tried yet comes close. This sounds like a good candidate. Crap! Another addition to my wish list.
  12. I think I grabbed a bottle of this when I ordered. Can't wait to try it out! It sounds a lot better than store bought scents.
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