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  1. Awesome Potion Master! And just saw that my package was shipped! Thank you very very much!!!
  2. Ok then,I'll take one scented with Mango/Pineapple/Chocolate. Thank you Potion Master!
  3. I just completed payment for my melts! Thank you for your patience everyone in LPMP!
  4. Just a note to let you know Potion Master I will pay you tomorrow. I have debit card so I'll have to load it...A friend will do this tomorrow and payment will be completed tomorrow afternoon (Greek local time) as it takes almost 8 hours for the transaction to be completed...Thank you for your patience and I'm sorry for the inconvenience..
  5. Personally I use three sprays maximum, and generally this is a rule a go by with all my phero blends after careful research!
  6. I love this scent! Like ravenwing I get mostly sweet pumpkin and spices. Needless to say I have many hits with this- the last one being a co-worker of a friend. She works as a driver in Athens Metro rail and I've met many of her colleagues. One of them told her that if I want to get married he will be the groom-and he was serious!!!!He said that after he sniffed my Sparkle Fucshia cloud
  7. I get mostly sweet blackberry and thankfully no milk...I like this one but still need to test it before a get a full bottle.
  8. Thank you Potion Master. Add to my order a B2 bottle (DPG oil) and I'm done! I'll be able to complete payment on Wednesday (payment day for me), I hope this is not a problem with you...
  9. One Rocket Fuel and one flavored pleaseeeeeee!!!!!! :abvb: Potion Master, how much is my total so far? I want to know if I can afford to buy anything else before you invoice me...
  10. I get more coffee and chocolate from this perfume and so far I like it. I'll road test tomorrow, a friend of mine will throw a party for her birthday and there will be many vict....ahem men around :lol:
  11. dimitra

    Top Five

    My current top five are: Halo's Angelique LP Red Sinner and Saint Mistress Christmas Carolyn's Man Nip
  12. I don't know why it first smells bitter on me-perhaps the currant? But after a while it turns to warm chocolate with a dash of cherries...Yummy!!!!
  13. Unfortunately all I get is neroli...I wanted to like this scent but it's too floral for me...
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