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  1. I get more coffee and chocolate from this perfume and so far I like it. I'll road test tomorrow, a friend of mine will throw a party for her birthday and there will be many vict....ahem men around :lol:
  2. Besides wax melts I would like to order more body butters (nommy butterstuff is really...nommy!!!!), B2, Nox, and perhaps a few other perfumes boosted with SS4W.
  3. My package arrived today, after only 7 days I got my notice!!!This is so amazing!!Got my lovely perfumes and custom made products, and I have to say I am fascinated by the lip butter and the nomy smelling butterstuff!Thank you for all freebies and the full bottle perfume. I'm very, very happy!!!
  4. I agree with Shelly B. This blends makes me softer and cuddlier and have noticed that people are nicer and more easy going when I were it. By that I mean that they are relaxed, calmer and somehow more willing to open up and talk about almost everything- not like True Confessions though, more like "you're such a warm and nice person and I feel I can talk to you and get closer with you". I'll boost some LPMP perfumes with this, I like how people react when I wear it...
  5. Wow Indigo!! Shorts and SS4W?? Poor guy... :D I'll have to agree with Tyvey though for your other choices!
  6. Thanks for the review Tyvey! Was hoping it will have a sexy vibe- and it's a good thing cops aren't overwhelming! So glad a bought a bottle unsniffed!!
  7. Just found time to say that I'm amazed as to how quickly my package was shipped. I placed my order last Friday (which included many custom made products) and received my notice on Tuesday!!!This was ultra super fast! Thanks everyone!!
  8. I didn't have much time to be around but I was certainly lurking for new releases. And once they were up I ordered full bottles of Cops and Robbers, Sinner and Saint, Special Delivery, The Pirate and the Maiden and of course Super Sexy spray 2x. I then saw the Scrub of the Month description and couldn't resist buying some, plus some Mistress Christmas body lotion and bubble bath. Ordered also a couple of PE's and boosted Mistress Christmas with Perfect Match...Oh, and forum samples...And now I have to go back to a business meeting and stop thinking of what else I want to buy from LPMP...
  9. Definitely want SS4W, nommy smelling buttersuff, a few PEs plus some older scents I think are perfect for me such as Naughty on the Nile. I am curious to see what the new releases will be, so perhaps I'll get something which is not in my list right now. Oh, and some new scrub
  10. Got a mail today from John that my package was sent!!!!! Thank you so much guys!!
  11. dimitra

    The Empress

    I'd love to try this one, but anything with milk in it turns out really bad in my skin...So sad, as it seems to be a perfume I would love to wear...
  12. Ordered from this month's releases the Lovers and some Cotton Candy scrub , plus unscented Cuddle Bunny, Ail's Heart and Soul and True Confessions...
  13. I have to tell you, it was so funny looking at him being so confused...and he blushed almost immediately after admitting his mistake, which was even funnier...and sexier
  14. A funny incident happened while wearing Sexpionage yesterday. I used LP Red as cover scent and had to go to a party. So I took a taxi to my friend's house, the driver was in his late 30's. Nothing unusual, although I noticed him looking at me through the front mirror. We are near my friend's house, I am redy to pay him and get off but he didn't make a stop there and continued driving!!!So I told him to stop (I was a little scared to tell you the truth)and he looks at me confused and replies "oh my God, you're right! I am so sorry, I don't know what happened to me! It's like I was hypnotised!"
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