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  1. Awesome Potion Master! And just saw that my package was shipped! Thank you very very much!!!
  2. Ok then,I'll take one scented with Mango/Pineapple/Chocolate. Thank you Potion Master!
  3. I just completed payment for my melts! Thank you for your patience everyone in LPMP!
  4. Just a note to let you know Potion Master I will pay you tomorrow. I have debit card so I'll have to load it...A friend will do this tomorrow and payment will be completed tomorrow afternoon (Greek local time) as it takes almost 8 hours for the transaction to be completed...Thank you for your patience and I'm sorry for the inconvenience..
  5. Personally I use three sprays maximum, and generally this is a rule a go by with all my phero blends after careful research!
  6. I love this scent! Like ravenwing I get mostly sweet pumpkin and spices. Needless to say I have many hits with this- the last one being a co-worker of a friend. She works as a driver in Athens Metro rail and I've met many of her colleagues. One of them told her that if I want to get married he will be the groom-and he was serious!!!!He said that after he sniffed my Sparkle Fucshia cloud
  7. I get mostly sweet blackberry and thankfully no milk...I like this one but still need to test it before a get a full bottle.
  8. Thank you Potion Master. Add to my order a B2 bottle (DPG oil) and I'm done! I'll be able to complete payment on Wednesday (payment day for me), I hope this is not a problem with you...
  9. One Rocket Fuel and one flavored pleaseeeeeee!!!!!! :abvb: Potion Master, how much is my total so far? I want to know if I can afford to buy anything else before you invoice me...
  10. I get more coffee and chocolate from this perfume and so far I like it. I'll road test tomorrow, a friend of mine will throw a party for her birthday and there will be many vict....ahem men around :lol:
  11. dimitra

    Top Five

    My current top five are: Halo's Angelique LP Red Sinner and Saint Mistress Christmas Carolyn's Man Nip
  12. I don't know why it first smells bitter on me-perhaps the currant? But after a while it turns to warm chocolate with a dash of cherries...Yummy!!!!
  13. Unfortunately all I get is neroli...I wanted to like this scent but it's too floral for me...
  14. dimitra

    Purple Pitch

    This is the only perfume so far that constantly morphs in my skin. At first is very floral,then turns resinous, then somehow sweeter and then all I get is the patchouli. There are moments where I sniff myself and don't like it and others where I want my skin to be dipped in Purple Pitch. So complex smell!!
  15. This to me smells like very sweet vanilla...At first I wasn't very fond of it but now that has dried down is prettier and I like it a lot! I may prefer darker scents but this is a smell that grows on me and is fantastic!
  16. This butterstuff is fantastic!!!Smells awesome and my skin feels like velvet.I've been using this the entire day today and LOVE IT!!!!I seriously need more, so whatever you make I buy it Mara!! (hint: chocolate, strawberry, brown sugar and apricot pleaseeeeeee!!! )
  17. Besides wax melts I would like to order more body butters (nommy butterstuff is really...nommy!!!!), B2, Nox, and perhaps a few other perfumes boosted with SS4W.
  18. My package arrived today, after only 7 days I got my notice!!!This is so amazing!!Got my lovely perfumes and custom made products, and I have to say I am fascinated by the lip butter and the nomy smelling butterstuff!Thank you for all freebies and the full bottle perfume. I'm very, very happy!!!
  19. I agree with Shelly B. This blends makes me softer and cuddlier and have noticed that people are nicer and more easy going when I were it. By that I mean that they are relaxed, calmer and somehow more willing to open up and talk about almost everything- not like True Confessions though, more like "you're such a warm and nice person and I feel I can talk to you and get closer with you". I'll boost some LPMP perfumes with this, I like how people react when I wear it...
  20. It's spicy and warm! I'm not good at picking individual notes but this one is of my favorite smells of this month's releases.It's not very intense though (I'm saying this while sniffing myself and I get mostly Sinner and Saint-yeah, I've slathered with all of my new smellies!!) but still need more testing...Now I think I get coconut....Nice!!!
  21. dimitra

    The Lovers

    To me this smells more like sweet apricot, which I like a lot! When I first smelled it from vial it smelled like...nail enamel! But on my skin is nice and warm, although I hoped it would be more resinous. Still I like it a lot!!Got manu compliments when wearing this!!
  22. Ok, this one is the most intense of all. It's sharp-but I wouldn't say it's "dark" . I think I amp the patchouli more than the other ingredients...I'm not quite sure about it yet, it's not a smell I'm used to, but I like it. Need to try it more!
  23. Wow Indigo!! Shorts and SS4W?? Poor guy... :D I'll have to agree with Tyvey though for your other choices!
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