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  1. Tyvey, Nevermind - just found your email in your profile! emailing!
  2. I know your username! Thank you! I used to be active on the LJ comms as carnaval_noir but got rid of my LJ and got facebook - unfortunately on FB when you're jonesing for perfume - you can't buy it there - so I had to get a new LJ I don't post often on bpal.org because, good god, I keep to myself a lot and gah, it's always been overwhelming (hell I didn't even join the forum until 2006 and I'd been into BPAL since at least 2004 - ugh). So...I figured, why not join this one - helps to push me out of my comfort zone! I'm *now* a Biology major. I wish I was about 10 years younger. Heh!
  3. I'm now majoring in Biology (so I can focus on primatology). I was majoring in Human Geography, then Sociology. It's not that those majors aren't great (I love the social sciences) it's just that I'm ADD (yay for not knowing until I decided to go back to school...) and hard facts are easier for me to retain through repetition than abstract facts (theories/paradigms etc). If that makes sense. I go to UNC at Chapel Hill so it's a bit demanding. The LP's I've tried, honestly haven't been many...at various points in my perfume foray I've tried different companies - some winners, some losers, at least for my skin chemistry. I stopped buying perfumes altogether for about a year because I was flat broke (although right now I'm pretty well broke too, at least until I start a study at the EPA in August and school starts in the fall). So, with that caveat, I think I've tried maybe a total of 5 or 6 LPs. :/ I've tried Scandalous when it first came out, Raven Moon, Pink, Southern Gothic, I sort of tested Halloween Moon (thought it was a sniffy soooo not really able to "test") & another one that I can't recall the name of...er. Soooo, total newb. There are many limited editions I see I've missed that sound good... I'm a foody/gourmand type of person though there are certain scents (mostly BPAL related) that I like that aren't over the top foody. I HATE florals...or rather I should say, florals and I aren't friends. My grandmother wore so many commercial perfumes, mainly over-the-top florals - ugh - I cannot bring myself to wear them. Yes, I have tried them. I'm willing to try others if any other foody types can convince me. Erm, anyway I've babbled on long enough. Sorry, I'm off for the summer with too much time on my hands. :/
  4. Hi all! I am not a newb (so much) to Love Potions but I am a newb to this forum and just wanted to say hello all. I recognize some usernames from around various other places - so yay! I try not to be a lurker so much but sometimes it happens, so forgive me if I'm not as active as others. I'm in school full-time at age 33 - just now getting my Bachelors (although...I've changed my major AGAIN - so I'll be broke for a few more years.). Anyway, hello! xxoo, Kristy
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