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  1. No, I probably won't. ^^ But I think I'll keep it anyway. Just for the days when I'm in the mood for something really different. Also I can still smell it now, after a good nights sleep. It really has some amazing staying power. Still musky sweet.
  2. I got mine today. I have to admit, I only ordered it, because everbody was raving about it. I´m more of a sweet and fruity gal, but I decided, if so many poeple like it then I should just give something different a chance. Wet I get a fair bit of the minty edge of the catnip. Then the musk comes though. And boy does it. None of the people I made to sniff me liked it. Apparently I smelled of cat pee... *sigh* Now, about 5 hours later I can still smell it, but the musk mellowed out a lot and I get a sweet/musky scent which I find nice. But the wet and drydown stage is not to my liking.
  3. Mh... I would prefer really good smelling to being lickable. And thank goodness I only discovered this thread today and therefore am too late, as I am still not allowed to buy any cosmetics until march... I would have faltered, as I would have also liked the sugar scrub so very much. Having to save up is such a b*tch.
  4. Aww, to hell with it. I wanted to wait, but I couldn´t. So I ordered: Festival of Lights, Lady Frost, Peppermint Patty and free forummember samplers of Santa's Little Helper and Blue Corn Girl. I liked the sound of santas helper, but I don´t tend to do so well with spices, so I better try out first.
  5. Mh, another one here for Festival of Light and Lady Frost. The PE sounds nice too, but I´ll have to way for my money fairy and my creditcard bill. So I´ll have to put ordering off for ages. *sigh*
  6. That makes us sound somewhat sect-like. *imagines chanting* "one of us, one of us, one of us"
  7. Oh noes... Ann's Sweet Lemony Licorice is already out of stock... *weeps* The PEs this month really do not love me. I think I´ll just stick with what I thought up days ago. Before the Flying potion is gone too. Sooo Flying Potion, Dolce Far Niente, Sparkle Fuchsia and that yummy sounding new scrub our wonderful potion master thought up just hopped into my cart. Also for the first time I remembered those freebies. Asked for A Kiss of Magic and I Scream for Halloween. I´m really excited.
  8. Still waiting for the PEs to turn up on the PE page. Either I´m blind, or I´ll just have to be patient for another few days. *bounces on chair*
  9. I know there are only 4 left... (have already checked how many I can stick in the cart). But shipping to germany can be mean (and less shipping means more Love Potions), so I don´t really want to split the order. So I´m just hoping that the PEs will be up tomorrow and there will be one Flying potion left for me. I mean, my world wouldn´t fall into a deep, black pit of despair if I can´t have one. But I wantsssss...
  10. Any plan on when the PEs this month will go live? I want to order before the flying potions are all gone. *is angsting*
  11. I`ll definitly get A Kiss of Magic, Dolce Far Niente, Sparkle Fuchsia and that Flying Potion everyone keeps raving about. But I´ll have to wait until the new PEs come live. Dorothy's Good Bad Girl and Ann's Sweet Lemony Licorice sound interesting but I´ll have to have a look at the scent descriptions first. Thank god I got paid today...
  12. Oh, thanks a lot july girl, that list help me out some. Picked a few (lot)more things I want. Bless your enabler heart. ^^ Ohhh, and cheeseburger79: Thanks for the offer, but I have raided through the list now and got a lot more, thanks to the descriptions. I´m getting poorer by the second. I´ll tell them to close up my order now, so I won´t be tempted.
  13. I´m considering to order loads from the sales thread, but I can´t seem to find a complete List of scent description and it drives me mad to think, I may be missing out on something I might really like. Can anybody point me somewhere I could find out what most things of the sale list smell like? On another note, does the forum hate firefox? I can only type stuff in the fast reply box. I can´t type anything if I try to open a new thread or when I click "Add Reply" stupid box won´t let me type. *pouts*
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