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  1. Love those labels and the font types. Wish I could write so beautifully (coz I know that I can't draw).
  2. JOC


    There's just a last bit left of this and wore it to bed last night. A soft, powdery soap scent which makes me smell and feel like I just had a shower. I don't get much of the mango but still plentiful of the cucumber, ozone, Lily and melon. I'm keeping the bottle for a bit and I'm sure my daughter will miss it.
  3. Have been trying to rotate light floral scents where possible since the weather got much warmer and more humid since the end of March. This one hasn't got much love from me in the last 5 years. It's beautiful but has something sharp poking at my nose. Maybe I don't get along well with the powdery vibe but I can smell the vanilla peeking from behind.
  4. Great to know that SS4W is coming back. Won't be ordering any at this time but it means that I can use my stash freely.
  5. JOC


    I scored a couple of bottles of this and I think they have not changed much over the years. This baby lasts the entire day but still has a slight sharpness in it.
  6. I adore the ones I have stashed away many years ago. I cracked open one of the new bottles I ordered during the recent summer sale and it was different. It was so light weight as compared to my old bottles. I guess I'll have to let these bottles marinate for a couple of years before using them.
  7. Although this was released more than 10 years ago but it have an everlasting vibe to it. Very romantic and beautiful, like a beautiful love story with a happy ending, almost like a princess being swept away by a prince. I have The Promise (PM) which I have not tested but would love to test both out to find out the difference in effects between Soulmate and PM.
  8. I'm a huge fan of SS4W for social use and was already adding cops to it most of the time. Bought a bottle of UN BANG! But never tested it out till last Friday when I went out for a date with TG#3. Actually, he's the only one whom I like most and for about 2 years. My gf thinks he's gay. Part of me didn't think so while the other part of me refuses to think that way. He's 2 years younger than I am and quite a gentleman. We've been out a couple of times and always refused to let me pay for anything, even when we went on a double date with my gf and her hub (whom he knows from work). Anyhow, we went to a bar for a drink and a quick bite since it was already 10pm when we met. We started off sitting across each other to pependicular and finally next to me. I noticed stares from other guys while I was standing on my own while he waited for our bill. Guys here usually do not make any moves if you are already with someone and honestly, I wasn't looking to be picked up anyway. P.S. BANG! was applied in the morning before I went to work (and without any cover scent as I was in a rush). I refreshed with Sneaky Clean at about 6pm for an evening reception. Quite blantant hits at the reception. I added 2 sprays of UN PP 60/40 onto my hair and a dab of CB on the back of my hands prior to meeting TG#3. CB would have been washed off by my frequent hand washing.
  9. I always use LP Pink with OCCO Pink together. Since I've just received my new stash and I still have another unopened bottle each which are way older than 5 years old, I decided to mix a little UN Sexpionage, maybe just 1/12 into my 3/4 bottle of LP Pink. Wore my usual amount of scent, lollipop style, to the evening play and I can tell TG#1 got hit by the fumes but still kept to our boundaries. Don't think I got any selfies from this though. Maybe there was too little to have any effects on me or he's not the right guy but I will certainly want to pull this on TG#3
  10. Totally forgot that I had 2 sprays to my chest on Friday in addition to UN BANG! on my torso. Had lunch with an old friend of mine whom I haven't met for 2 months. He texted later in the afternoon and said that I sounded happier now (nothing has changed/improved), maybe it was topper that made him feel so.
  11. Went through my stash last night and realised that I have an unopened bottle in addition to an almost new opened bottle. This was one of my daughter's favourite and didn't allow me to trade it off years back. I'm always a great fan of orchid scents but the creamy note didn't quite agree with me. This reminds me of LP Silver and Sensual Harmony although they are nowhere close in terms of ingredients.
  12. JOC

    Vampire Bait

    The original Vampire Bait didn't agree with me and I traded it off immediately without second try and that was probably during my first few LP orders. I love fruit and floral scents, particularly orchids,. I remember this is a permanent scent and thus purchased a sample vial to try. On application, I was really happy that I only purchased a sample vial, a tiny investment. The orange blossom just didn't agree with my sniffer. But 3 hours later, the orange blossom and honey retreated to the back as an anchor point with the rest of the characters, particularly orchid, to play their part. I do see myself wearing this and may get a fb in my next order.
  13. On application, the musk almost made me want to wash it off immediately. It came across such sharp scent which shot right to my 3rd eye. With time and patience, it wears very close to the skin and probably great for an evening of pampering on the couch. I can see myself wearing this if only I apply at least 2 hours beforehand.
  14. This is happy juice to me. Someone sweet, fun young thing in my mind in a yellow cotton sundress and this goes so well with DHEAS and A-nol. I do see myself wearing this when I'm interacting with my undergraduate students.
  15. I traded off my scented Cougar potion after a few tries when I first started using LP scents. The grapefruit or sugars seem to be very pointy on me. This version behaves the same on me except that I got a huge blast of cocoa on wet which reminded me of the Glamour Potion. 3 hours later, the grapefruit and sugar still lingered with a slight hint of sweetness from the currant. I think this is good for cooler weather and as I live in a tropical country, I'll probably wear this on days when I intend to stay indoors.
  16. Wore this again with the same subject for trail walking this morning. Don't think he is an alpha although at work (and with his responsibilities) he does seem to come across one but one who respects and cares for those who work under him. The nesting effects is definitely working on him as he feels very bad that I'm working doubly to triple harder than those in his organisation and has recommended me to his counterparts in other organizations. While I was under employment, he has asked if I wanted to transfer to another department. Now that I've left, it is unlikely that he would want me back in the same office, reporting to him or his direct report.
  17. I have a bottle of UN which I used quite a bit when I started using pheros about 8-9 ago. Didn't really take mental notes on selfies back then but was more interested to observe the reactions from those around me. When Sparkle Fushia was released, I stocked that one up for the scent and soon realised that Cougar makes me talk, and talk non stop. Colleagues whom I am not too familiar with, strangers and people I know who may like me, late twenties to early fiffties, it's all the same. I feel that the selfies is like a social pheros with the "confession" vibes thrown in. Not certain if I was putting out the hot and confident vibes. My date did seem to enjoyed my company over a 5-hour dinner on Thursday. We got to know each other a few months back and had lunch together once and I never had time to meet him after that. He's been under the impression that I'm about 15 years younger than him (he's actually just 2 years older than me, very successful and filthy rich). His objective was to take my mind off work, pamper me and ensure that I had a great time. I'm really not sure if I'll wear cougar on dates but I'm certain I'll wear it at social events or evening out with girlfriends.
  18. Scored a sample and bottle of scented CB 2009 and a scented CB (maybe a version prior to 2009) a long time ago and have never really used them. Went out for dinner with someone at the top of the food chain in one of my ex work place. We met up about 3 times in the last couple of months for lunch, coffee and trail walking. I can be quite thick in the skull but my ex-colleagues did point out previously that he probably likes me. He has in the past also said that he feels there is a connection between us and that he was glad that he's no longer my boss. Anyhow, I had LP Pink and OCCO Pink in the morning and dab some scented CB on the back of my hands about half an hour before he picked me up from work. We usually talk about our frustrations at work (culture shock as he's an American, never married, worked and lived outside the US for a number of years but first time out here in Asia), our pasts, current affairs and a little about my kids (which I don't usually share with anyone). We talked about the first time he met me and I only remember being dragged by a fellow colleague to appear in front of him to introduce ourselves. Then our next few encounters at formal work events. He said that he was pretty sure that I have many admirers. To be honest, I do notice some of these signs but most of the time, I would completely block them out that I don't even realise and recognise the signs. Told him that it's simply because I am still married even though it's not a happy marriage. In short, he said that he would be there till I sort things out. I guess the nesting effects did hit him after all.
  19. I've just turned 48. Still having my period regularly. Flow now is super heavy on the 1st day and I'm clean on 3rd day. Previously it would only clear on the 4th and heavy on 2nd day. In my early fourties, I wore a lot of cops and get great selfies. I'm still using as much now but don't feel the effects, i.e. I feel the same whether I wear or do not wear cops. I've returned to wearing pheros recently, either scented or UN, and noticed that I am super light weight. I needed only to dab else I will get headache for most of the day. My favorites in the past were UN SS4W, PP and SWS. I liked the selfies from combining UN LFM and UN LFN previously but will need to experiment this if it still has the same selfies.
  20. JOC


    Have this sample for years but have only used it a couple of times and a little goes a long way. The sample has turned into a deep reddish brown liquid but I can't tell if it has thickened over the years. I'm not sure what spices went into the Feral but with the combination of the berry, greens and cedar peeking every now and then, it gives me a rather perfumery scent to it.
  21. I enjoyed this when I first got the sniffee but have always put it away, safe and sound in my vault. I get primarily orange blossom, honeycomb, vanilla and amber and projects a very soft, approachable and warm vibe. Totally love this and will be missed when the sniffee is gone.
  22. Found some sniffees in a box stashed deep inside my bedside table this evening and randomly picked and finished using this PE as my evening scent. On my skin, it was probably primarily fig and cocoabutter which is heavenly. Didn't quite get the bananas though. 4.5 hours later, I'm left with a powdey scent, just as Sugared Honeycomb would do on my skin. Truly amazed that the scent kept well after all these years.
  23. Each year during the sale period, I would do a stock take of my LP stash. Although I have not ordered for a while now but the size of my stash has not reduced much as a number of my scents don't quite work in this weather. I've lost the bottle from the first brew of this batch about a year ago and never got down to opening up a new bottle. Just last night, I decided that I'd need to start using them to make space for my order. Patience has definitely paid off for the 5.5 years wait. It has truly melded and mellowed. I do not need to cover up the stabby element with a tiny dot of Sugared Apricots. Very glad that it has turned out this way.
  24. Have not used much of the "heavier" scents since I moved home (tropical country) 4.5 years ago and LP Red is one of them. Paired that with OCCO Red to match my red tee over jeans and sandals yesterday. Left the office early and went for a 20-minute shopping with my daughter. A fellow male shopper was absolutely warching me as I walked around him to get to the mirror. My opened bottle is probably at least 8 years old and perhaps smells even more beautiful now. It'll take me some time to finish this bottle but I do look forward to opening my other aged LP Reds when the time comes.
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